Patio area

Create a garden with a terrace in the middle of the countryside

Garden-terrace-wooden floor-sitting area-garden pond

Usually the terrace is directly adjacent to the house – because the building offers shade, wind protection and privacy. But an exposed terrace also has advantages and can quickly become your favorite outdoor spot. We found 23 cool examples that definitely prove – one Garden with terrace in the middle of the green. let yourself be inspired!

Garden with terrace – create a small seating area in the countryside

Garden patio railing flower beds

A small but very modern terrace design – the natural stone garden path leads to a small seating area in the countryside. The beautiful fragrant flowers and the nearby forest relax the senses. The terrace is visually separated from the garden by aluminum railings. Modern metal seating group offers seating for the whole family.

Garden with terrace – the wooden fence provides privacy

Garden patio pergola climbing plants rose ideas

The wooden fence provides privacy and wind protection and shields the cozy outdoor seating area. The pergola is planted with climbing roses and ivy and offers protection from the sun on warm summer days. The natural wood furniture adds the finishing touch. A small but fine terrace is laid out!

Asian-style garden with terrace – this is how you add an exotic touch

Garden-terrace-exotic-feng shui-plants

Is the terrace too boring? With the right decoration – for example small statues and decorative pillows, it can be transformed into an exotic oasis in the Asian style in no time at all. Gold, purple and blue are royal colors and form a strong but effective ensemble.

Small terrace in the allotment garden


Even in an allotment garden, the terrace should not be missing. The small garden table was built from several cobblestones, the chairs were bought second hand and repainted. Climbing plants, tall shrubs and perennial shrubs protect the outdoor area.

Comfortable dining area in Scandinavian style

Garden-terrace-gazebo-gravel floor-dining area

The dining area is designed in Scandinavian style – the white pergola forms the perfect background for the cool decoration. Bedspreads with stripes and stylish yellow decorative pillows spice up the simple wooden furniture.

Hillside garden – terrace next to the retaining wall

Garden-terrace-hillside-retaining wall-natural stoneThe garden on the slope is difficult to create, but then it has a special charm. All the better if the terrace is right next to the retaining wall and the garden owner can marvel at his creation every day.

Create a small terrace under the shade of a tree


Lay out the terrace with paving stones 

Garden terrace ornamental grasses perennial privacy screen

 English terrace with a comfortable garden bench

Garden-terrace-English-style-natural stone-slabs-flowerbeds

Exoticism in the garden – gazebo with thatched roof

Garden-terrace-exotic-gazebo-thatched roof


Garden-terrace-Mediterranean-style-wooden table-with-parasol

Garden-terrace-pergola-climbing plants-grape

Garden patio pergola cypress framing

Garden terrace paving stones tree shade

Garden-terrace-wrought iron-upholstery-table-paving stones

Garden-terrace-sun protection-modern-furniture-design



Garden-terrace-stairs-natural stone slabs-hammock

Garden-terrace-tile-floor-seating group-rattan

garden-terrace-lush greenery-wood-pergola-white-plants-flower pots

garden-terrace-lush-greenery-modern-hau-glasgelaender-garden furniture

garden-terrace-lush greenery-wood cladding-house facade-wood deck

garden-terrace-lush greenery-natural pool-lawn-wooden house

garden-terrace-lush-greenery-terrace roofing-modern-architecture