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Building a pool in the garden – tips to help you plan

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Of the Pool in the garden is no longer a luxury – more and more families are choosing an outdoor swimming pool. If the pool design is in harmony with the garden design, then the value of the property also increases. Those who take on the construction work themselves save costs – but there are a few things that have to be taken into account.

Pool in the garden – types of pools

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Of course, the first thing to do is to choose the right location for you Pool in the garden choose. A location near the house where there are no tall trees is ideal. Then the question arises, what shape and what dimensions should the pool have. The choice of the pool is closely related to this. If you opt for a prefabricated pool made of steel or GRP, you don’t need to think twice – the pools are offered in a rectangular shape. By the way, they are pretty easy to install and are therefore well suited for beginners. If there is a certain amount of prior knowledge, a solid construction with isostones is recommended. They offer flexibility as far as the pool shape is concerned, but must be reinforced and concreted in any case. The last variant is of course the concrete pool – very durable and easy to care for. Anyone who opts for this alternative should ideally entrust a company with the laborious task.

The pool in the garden – line with foil

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As soon as the pool construction is finished, it should be lined with foil. The rule here applies – the irregular the pool shape, the more laborious the lining. Some manufacturers offer pieces of film / including corner parts /, others offer a complete film bag. The individual pieces of film are then connected with a hot air welding device or by cold welding – and the seal is thus finished.

Exotic looking pool area

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Those who do not yet trust themselves to build their own pool can commission a construction company – the professionals of NJ pools do it.

Modern pool 

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Pool in the garden – natural look

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Pool with concrete basin and irregular shape

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Pool with basin made of isostones

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Beautiful garden with a waterfall

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Build concrete pools yourself natural look irregular shape

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