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Terrace design ideas – modern and exotic patio area

Terrace design ideas balcony-glass-railing-rattan-furniture

Do you feel the cool breeze on this terrace? Do you see the great landscape around the lake? An unforgettable moment, thanks to the cozy furnishings on the terrace. The effective view is called Terrace design ideas reinforced by the cozy wood and the stylish rattan. Natural stone on the wall is perfectly coordinated with the black window frames and the clean feeling is given when stepping on the matt floor.

Terrace design ideas – small but chic


Terrace design ideas if you need it for the city apartment, light and valuable plastic is preferred, but also combined with a not too light metal table. Colored accents with signal orange or green ensure happy feelings and are beautifully coordinated with the dark stone and the natural color of wood. Find a balance in the color palette and don’t necessarily put a lot of furniture in a small space. A cozy ambience also means a lot of air and less furniture, especially when designing terraces or balconies with sun protection. Make sure you have a pair of flower pots with you and if you have space for a wooden bench, you will turn your balcony or terrace into a living inspiration on the nice days.

Terrace design ideas – open landscape

terrace-design-ideas-natural stone-terrace tiles-wood-furniture

Patio area in the middle of the mountain landscape: who can resist this look? Create an oasis of relaxation in your lawn or garden with a platform made of natural stone with terracotta flooring. The classic country style is reinforced with small rectangular columns for flower pots and the stylish rattan patio furniture in black is equipped with soft upholstered cushions and backrests. Terrace design ideas with a lush variety of plants and flowers that will inspire and immediately conquer every soul. Magical landscape, fresh air, great cocktails or chilled drinks, what more do you need? Patio area, experience very close to nature, this idea is worthwhile to be realized.

Grill on the terrace

terrace-design-ideas-outdoor-kitchen-natural stone-cladding

If you are a fan of the grill season, you have the opportunity to prepare freshly grilled meat or vegetables on your terrace. A house with a patio area does not necessarily have to be furnished or decorated with plants. The natural colors of the concrete and the natural stone provide enough comfort and a feeling of comfort and the open green mountain landscape calms every soul and spirit.


Pictures terrace attic

Rattan furniture-terrace design-cozy-with-upholstery

Garden ideas pictures with a lot of wood

Lots of wood-and-stone terrace design ideas

Lots of wood on the porch 


Sky high terrace design

Sky-high terrace-on-levels

Modern rounded shapes

Plastic-plastic patio furniture

A little futurism on the terrace

Modern-design-terrace-veranda-wooden floor

For romantic hearts with Zen preferences

Metal frame furniture design terraces

Different areas on the terrace

Deck chair-with-upholstered-cushions-city-view-wooden floor

Wonderful view of the valley


Wood-in-aquamarine upholstered seats-garden terrace idea


Wooden floor-terrace-country-house-villa-landscape

Green-and-light-beige-combined-wood-terrace design

cozy cabana upholstered furniture terrace

Bohemian style wood frame tent type patio

at-the-edge-of-the-lake-terrace-veranda-design ideas

Chic interior city terrace

Mountain landscape terrace design

Desert-mountain-landscape-brown-tones-terrace design