Luxury summer house with an inspiring concept

Luxury summer house with an inspiring concept Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this one Summer house inspires with inspiring architecture. Summer, sun and ocean – what more could you need to be happy? The unique concept of the holiday home is very sculptural and architectural and was developed with an artistic approach. Casa Mar[...]
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Build your own kitchen island – tips and instructions

As soon as you move into a new apartment or house, there is a lot of renovation work. The kitchen in particular often requires a lot of work – the space there is very often limited, you just don’t have enough cupboards and can’t find enough storage space. There remains only one option – a[...]
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Incredible bedrooms with ocean views

Coastal houses have one great advantage – they offer infinite views of the sea, and you can enjoy the beautiful view through glass walls. The unique location inspired the architects to design the house as openly as possible. That has proven particularly successful at the Bedroom with sea view Proven design. Modern bedroom design Modern[...]
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Quilted beds – designed by Giuseppe Vigano

We are all interested in what our furniture will look like. Buying a new bed is sometimes like getting a new car because it really comes down to what it actually looks like. The design is most important and everyone has different tastes, but the style is something that you really “see”. But what if[...]
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Outdoor lounge furniture ideas for total relaxation

See these current pieces of furniture focusing on Outdoor lounge furniture ideas. Lazing around is a very special skill that needs the right equipment to do it right! But seriously, the value of relaxation shouldn’t be underestimated. Modern living can be extremely stressful, so it is important to take your time and switch off. In[...]
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The wooden rustic sofa by Riva from Italy

What an interesting and extraordinary combination. This “Utah” sofa presents a modern and creative use of recycling technology. This very contemporary, wooden one, rustic sofa impresses not only with its aesthetics, but also with its history. The wooden elements of this sofa are actually recycled lumber from the lagoons in Venice. The modern rustic sofa[...]
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