Youth rooms for girls – 21 great interior design ideas

Youth room for girls -peach-cream-double-bed-wall-mounted-television

How fast the little ones grow … Is it time for your child to clear out the nursery and replace it with a facility that symbolizes the next step towards adulthood? Then you have a lot ahead of you. Setting up a youth room is in itself a difficult adventure, because which parents are not aware of the whims of a teenager. It can get even more complicated when it comes to a Youth room for girls acts. Because they value absolutely every detail and want everything to be really perfect. Compromises are only allowed in emergencies. This is why it is so important that new youth rooms for girls are planned in advance in detail. Discuss everything with your daughter. What are her ideas? Would you like a typical girl’s room with lace, ornate motifs made of flowers and a romantic atmosphere or do you prefer a modern, minimalist interior?

Youth room for girls – romantically modern

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Even later, when it is time to decorate the teenagers’ room for girls, your daughter’s opinion will of course be asked for. The choice of curtains, bed linen, decorative pillows and carpets should be tailored to your taste. Still, it’s important that you, too, as an experienced adult, share some decorating tips to point your daughter in the right direction. But be careful! Don’t try to force your opinion on her. After all, your daughter should also like it in her teenage room for girls. You wouldn’t approve of someone else furnishing your apartment without considering your wishes.

Youth room for girls in beige and pink

Youth room for girls ideas-pink-beige-learning place

With regard to the materials, all variants are available to you. Combine wooden furniture with furniture made of a wickerwork such as rattan. A four-poster bed is also very popular with girls. You can buy this ready-made or design it yourself by getting fabric and curtains for it. In general, DIY projects are very suitable for furnishing a youth room for girls. You can implement these wonderfully together with your daughter. Your daughter can bring in exactly your ideas and wishes and you will also spend a lot of time together. You can also spice up or remodel some of the furniture you already have and reuse it instead of buying new one. This can save you a lot of money in some cases.

romantic decorations in vintage style

Youth room for girls vintage-shabby-chic-romance-pink-beige

You can spice up teenage rooms for girls with a simple furniture style with colored walls. Combine two or more colors and you get great effects. You can set wonderful accents with a suitable wallpaper. However, this does not have to cover the entire wall, but can also only take up a part in order to highlight a certain area in the room. Popular colors for teenagers’ rooms for girls are white, pink or berries and above all pastel colors such as mint, rose, light blue, beige or a light gray, as well as combinations of these colors.

large built-in wardrobe with mirror

youth room-girl-large-built-in-wardrobe-mirror

If you are aware of these things, all that is missing is detailed planning. And how good that there is the Internet. Because there you can find a lot of different inspirations and ideas that can help you plan. We would also like to achieve this with this article, in which we have put together different examples of teenage rooms for girls. There are romantic variants in vintage style, as well as modern styles. Just take a look:

Decoration with photos in the girl’s room


Purple and white for an airy ambience

youth room-two-girls-white-purple-single beds

Idea for two sister

youth room-two-girls-pink-beige-paralell

bespoke furniture

youth room-girl-weisse-moebeö-pattern-wallpaper-flowers-bed-bed-box

romantic shabby chic dressing table with mirror

youth room-girl-shabby-chic-style-dressing table-deco

Youth room for girls pastel purple-wall-paint-white-furniture

youth room-girl-learning-place-arrangement-arrangement

youth room-girl-laminate-floor-purple-carpet-white-furniture-storage space

youth room-girl-dachschrage-pink-wallpaper-flowers-butterflies-pattern

youth room-girl-attic-red-white-deco

youth room-girl-vintage-shabby-chic-white-romantic

youth room-girl-attic-skylights-cream-rose-colors

youth room-girl-attic-loft-skylight-cream-wall-paint

youth room-girl-blue-white-toile-de-jouy-wallpaper

youth room-girl-blue-white-chaise-longue-reading