Youth room with a pitched roof – 35 ideas for design

In general, rooms with sloping ceilings are very popular. Partly consciously, partly unconsciously, they are associated with the mysterious attic and ensure a cozy atmosphere, so that you can’t help but feel secure in them. However, furnishing a room with a sloping roof can be a challenge, as care must be taken to ensure that it does not appear too cramped.

Youth room with a sloping ceiling – a private island of calm

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-skylights-wall-tattoo-line-drawing-car

When it comes to one Youth room with a sloping ceiling you have many options. The loft bed, which is so popular with young people, does not work out. You can play with the colors to add some depth to the room. For this purpose, individual walls are painted in color. Wall tattoos are also very suitable for this.

Set up a small youth room with a sloping ceiling

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-design-space-saving-wardrobe-built-in

It is also important to use low furniture for the youth room with a sloping roof, because they are another way to make the room appear larger. And because of the sloping roof, you hardly have any other choice. They prevent you from setting up a large closet one way or another. Instead, it is best to use the sloping ceilings for custom-made closet systems that offer enough space for clothes.

Shelving systems can also find space there and offer sufficient storage space for decorations, books and other things. A sideboard is also practical. On the one hand, you meet the requirements for low furniture, get additional storage space and can possibly place a television on it. But you can also put the bed under the sloping ceiling.

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Properly illuminate youth rooms with sloping ceilings


Something that you should avoid as much as possible in the youth room with a sloping ceiling are hanging lights. Because these ensure that the room looks narrower and smaller. Plain ceiling spots are a good solution for lighting sloping ceilings because they are embedded in the ceiling and do not take up any space. They are inconspicuous and can be distributed over the entire area.

Provide an individual look with decoration


Then set accents with suitable decorations. Let your child vote for you. In order for the youth room with a sloping ceiling to have an individual look, it should reflect the taste and preferences of your child.

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-modern-design-wall-upper part-illuminated

If you need a few examples to get an idea of ​​the right furnishings for a teenage room with a sloping ceiling, you can find them below. We have put together a gallery of 35 ideas for teenage rooms with sloping ceilings to show you how to furnish it practically.

The wood structure underlines the slope

Youth room-sloping-window-wood-construction-decorative-lighting

Daylight enters the room through the skylight. In addition, several artificial light sources provide sufficient lighting. Swiveling spotlights were mounted on the rafters, a functional table lamp with an adjustable articulated arm stands on the bedside table and a third lamp on the floor illuminates the sloping roof from below.

Patterned walls make the large room look smaller and cozier

Youth room-playroom-with-sloping-ceiling-wall strips-black-white

Many young people discover music and composing as a hobby. In order to preserve the peace of the neighbors, the attic can be well insulated and a music room can be set up. Of course, an artistic wall design in the rehearsal room is a must. The vertical stripes in black and white make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. Red is a nice color accent.

Only the lower part of the sloping wall is decorated with borders


A simple but effective trick in rooms with sloping ceilings is to make the lower part of the wall colorful while the upper part remains lighter. This type of wall design brings more dynamism to the room and creates a feeling of airiness.

Inclined wall with wood paneling

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-white-duvet-wood-wall-paneling

Light wood looks very subtle and can be wonderfully combined with different styles. In this example, the sloping wall behind the bed is clad with horizontal whitewashed wooden slats. Thanks to the whitewashed surface, the grain emerges perfectly. Warm diffused light also emphasizes their natural beauty.

Wall tattoos as a visual highlight

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-wall-decal-tree-leaves-colorful-bedspread

Wall tattoos are a quick and easy solution for effectively designing your walls. The background can be white. This allows the colors of the design to come into their own, without it getting restless. The residents opted for sliding doors with mirror panels for the built-in wardrobe. They save space and reflect the daylight that falls into the room through the roof window.

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-ideas-design-decoration-portrait-pictures

When choosing the wall and floor coverings for the youth room with a sloping roof, pay attention to the light-dark contrast. If the walls are painted white, the floor covering can be a little darker. White walls can then be embellished with colorful murals or loose picture frames.


If you want to convert the attic into a children’s room, then impact sound insulation is essential. A carpeted floor is ideal for making the room a bit more homely. It is best to choose a light shade for the floor and walls. You can add beautiful color accents with individual colorful carpets, decorative pillows and wall pictures.

Youth room-with-sloping-windows-sun protection-blinds-wooden bed-teenagers

If there are skylights in the room, you should also think about sun protection. Bright sunlight is particularly uncomfortable early in the morning. As window decoration, blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds offer functional comfort. They not only enhance the appearance of the room, but also provide optimal heat protection. With a blind you have the advantage that you can regulate the amount of sunlight individually. Thanks to the simple operation, it is entirely up to you how much daylight should enter.

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-window-near-floor-bed-pillows-colored-pattern

If no sofa would fit under the sloping ceiling, you can set up a nice cozy corner with lots of pillows. It serves as a small nest in which young people can withdraw and rest. The perfect underlay are soft mats that are placed next to each other or an old mattress. Very different pillows are placed on it. They offer support to lean on and make for more comfort. To make the surface even softer, you can also spread a blanket on the mats. If you want to make the cozy corner even more versatile and beautiful, you can also decorate the walls creatively.



Youth room-with-pitched roof-white-wooden-floor-desks

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-high-ceiling-wooden chest-bedspread-colorful-patterned


Youth room-with-sloping-roof-Scandinavian-style-cozy-fur-carpet

teenager-room-with-sloping-ceilings-window-sill-upholstery-color accents


Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-wall-pink-painting-carpeting-square-pattern

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-hanging-bed-wooden-interior-wall-cladding-slats

Youth room-with-pitched roof-color scheme-green-orange-carpeting

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-sofa-set-colorful-colors-loft-bed-walls-yellow-green

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-floor-level-bed-white-walls-green-floor-pillows

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-bunk-bed-colorful-textiles-floral-patterned

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-decoration-fairy lights-modern

youth room with sloping roof vanilla wall color white furniture bed carpet parquet

youth room with sloping roof modern blue canape yellow accents sleeping corner

youth room with sloping roof boys idea wood wall colorful reading corner built-in chest of drawers

youth room with sloping roof wall color olive carpeting blue-gray furniture boys

youth room with sloping roof girl purple wall sitting area window