Which is the right children’s desk? – 5 tips for choosing

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Sooner or later the decision is made – which one is that matching children’s desk for my child? The desk is one of those pieces of furniture that has been with us throughout our lives. It grows with the toddlers and is always available when the schoolchildren have to do their homework or when they feel like drawing, painting or doing handicrafts. Here you will find useful information about what to consider when buying children’s desks.

The right children’s desk – what to consider when buying?

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When buying, you have to consider the following points: What properties does the matching children’s desk fulfill? How much space is available for him in the nursery? Which material is best suited? Should the desk have any other extras? Paying attention to quality is definitely worth it!

1. Requirements for ergonomics, functionality and safety

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Especially with school children and young people, the ergonomic aspects of a design play a decisive role. It is advisable to choose a height-adjustable model so that your child can sit and work optimally and comfortably at the desk. Desks that grow with the child can be adjusted as your child grows.

2. Children’s desks can be used from primary school age

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An inclinable worktop (with a slope of at least 16 °) is highly recommended as it supports the work posture that is easy on the back. This is the only way to permanently avoid postural damage. A stop rail prevents objects from slipping off. For painting we recommend a slight inclination of the children’s desk table top approx. 0-5 °, for writing a stronger incline of 10 ° is suitable. When reading, an incline of approx. 20 ° is advantageous.

3. The right children’s desk does not take up too much space

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Size, height and width vary with each model. If the space allows, a table top with dimensions of 110 × 60 cm is ideal. Some models can be expanded with side panels – this gives you more storage space. If the available space in the children’s room is limited, folding and sliding desks are ideal.

4. Choose a children’s desk that fits the children’s room 

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The color of the desk should match the existing children’s furniture. The frequently used materials are solid wood beech, maple or metal, which ensures sufficient stability. Look for a surface finish that is easy to care for, non-slip and non-allergenic. A colored application in child-friendly colors and motifs turns the desk into a highlight.

5. Various extras 

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In most cases, various extras have to be designed individually – such as storage space for notebooks, additional drawers, pocket hooks, pen cups, bookends, etc. However, it is entirely possible to combine the children’s desk and a chair in different styles and materials.

Space-saving, convenient solution 

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Chic designs with different colors

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Children’s desk with storage

Children's room storage solution desk made of wood-lacquered chair-orange

Easy to adapt to the growing child 

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A slim solution for small spaces 

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Children’s desk adjustable in height and inclination

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Children’s desks with many practical details

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Children's room rustic desk solid wood storage options

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