Wall painting in the children’s room: 35 playful interior ideas

Wall painting in the children's room fairy tale tower romantic bed white furniture mint green

Would you like to renovate the children’s room and make your child special? Then you can plan an effective mural. It not only makes the children’s room look more playful, but also serves as an interesting accent. You can also use the Wall painting in the nursery underline. Cartoons, film heroes, landscapes or animals – you can have happy pictures painted on the wall yourself or by an artist.

Wall painting in the children’s room – tree house with built-in shelves

Wall painting in the children's room built-in shelf tree motif lights beanbag green

For this purpose, it is best to choose a motif that suits your child’s preferences. 3D designs are particularly interesting. These can be achieved, among other things, by painting two walls, which is a great idea especially for landscape paintings. The wall painting in the children’s room can also include furniture or shelves and thus be particularly effective. If you want to collect some inspiration, then the following gallery can be an advantage for you. Look at the photos and design the children’s room in a special way.

Wall painting in the nursery – space

wall painting children's room space solar system planets boy idea

Space motifs are especially popular with boys. With regard to the wall painting in the children’s room, you have the choice between stars, the planet earth or another favorite planet of your child or the entire solar system as in this example. The mural is instructive and always illustrates the order of the planets. Your child can wonderfully dream of futuristic stories.

Children’s room with a sloping ceiling

wall painting in the nursery locomotive animals elephant lion

Romantic color combination

wall painting in the nursery romantic girl purple pink nuances

Children’s room with a green interior

wall painting in the nursery jungle panther green interior mirror

Beach motifs

wall painting kids room beach sand castle bucket closet desk

Nursery wall with city

wall painting children's room city colorful houses bed wall niche ceiling modern star

Maritime mural

wall painting children's room ship maritime furnishing dark wood design

Fairytale castle

wall painting children's room pink interior castle fairy tale shine bedspread

wall painting children's room robot science fiction boy orange sofa modern

wall painting children's room nature meadow trees white desk chair upholstery

wall painting children's room motif girl green wall paint canape

wall painting children's room maritime design sea sky furniture design

wall painting children's room locomotive thomas loft bed desk wood

wall painting in the children's room roof pitch idea forest peter pan ceiling picture idea

wall painting nursery landscape tigger mushroom house shelf idea locomotive cloud

wall painting children's room coast theme lighthouse sea guitar teddy

wall painting children's room cat funny tree clouds playful

wall painting children's room fisherman sun farm large window cuddly toys

wall painting children's room film cars door inspiration modern

wall painting in the nursery fairies tinkerbell sunflowers romantic disney

wall painting in children's room tree ladder parquet toy box

wall painting in children's room africa theme giraffe rhinoceros zebra checkerboard pattern 3d

wall painting children's room winnie the pooh donkey tigger sideboard bed

wall painting children's room white bed forest tiger monkey dark parquet

wall painting children's room animals rainforest hippopotamus strauss loft bed

wall painting children's room fairy flowers motifs bed hang chains zigzag carpet

wall painting nursery tree house fairy tale idea turquoise ceiling

wall painting children's room baby romantic tree corner deep pile carpet

wall painting children's room accent monkey toucan bird natural tones

wall painting in the nursery cats clouds curtain purple orange table

wall painting in the nursery jungle rhinoceros tiger shelf lianas imitation

wall painting in the children's room underwater world fish blue wall paint surfboard

wall painting in the nursery nu pogodi idea russian gena picture