Wall design in the children’s room – colorful wallpapers and wall tattoos

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The children love colorful walls – patterns and motifs from fairy tales arouse the imagination of the little ones and create a happy atmosphere. The talented designers at Fajno recently launched a beautiful collection of colorful wallpapers and wall tattoos – no more boring Wall design in the children’s room!

Wall design in the children’s room – creative wallpapers from Fajno

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From now on, cute animals, nature motifs and cars will beautify the walls in the nursery! If you’re wondering why this should be so creative and imaginative – just take a look at the photos! The wallpapers resemble children’s drawings. This is great for creating an accent wall, but you can also attach the wonderful wallpaper to all walls. Our tip – small patterns make the room look larger, while large motifs should be used as accents. Colorful wall tattoos look cheerful and are well suited for the play area. Colors like red, yellow and orange promote the learning ability and concentration of the toddlers. You prefer to decorate the sleeping area with monochrome wall stickers – they relax your eyes. Colors like blue and green have a calming effect.

And if you still can’t decide which wallpapers are best for your child’s room, let the child decide.

Wall design in the children’s room – imaginative wallpapers and wall decorations for the play area

Children's room colorful wall stickers design ideas

Wall design in the children’s room – the wallpapers are similar to children’s drawings

Children's room set up ideas wall design wallpaper

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Children's room yellow wall pattern stylish wall sticker wallpaper

Float on cloud nine – playful wall stickers for the sleeping area

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Children's room wall design ideas wallpaper clouds

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Sweet children’s room with puristic patterns

Cute nursery wall design ideas black white

The wall is decorated with motifs from the book Alice in Wonderland

Sweet wallpaper ideas design wall children's room

 Wall wallpaper with trees patterns

Forest pattern wallpaper wall nursery girls ideas

Set up and decorate baby rooms in a purist style

Wallpaper wall design ideas children's room elephant motifs

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Wall design nursery ideas wallpaper sheep fir tree purple wall

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Wall design children's room wallpaper ideas examples motifs

 For the toddlers – wall stickers with red cars

Wall stickers ideas children's room red cars stylish

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Wall decals children's room imaginative ideas colorful creative

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colorful walls design children's room imaginatively yellow pink white

colorful wall nursery ideas stylish motifs

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charming girl's room pink wallpaper wall

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cute children's room set up ideas wall design wallpaper black white

cute nursery wall design creative ideas

Designs by Fajno