This hack for the Ikea Kura cot will amaze your child!

At first glance, the Ikea Kura cot doesn’t seem like anything special. We will now convince you of the opposite! Do you already have this classic piece of furniture in your child’s room? With a simple hack, the boring children’s bed can be remodeled and turned into a play area for children.

The Ikea Kura cot offers many conversion options

IKEA cot Kura Hack attach bed curtain

We all love Ikea furniture. They are inexpensive and have a simple design that offers plenty of scope for individual projects. There are many great options available, especially for the children’s room, where the furniture has to grow with the child. In addition, the Ikea furniture is cheap and does not dig so deep into your pocket.

This also applies to one of the most popular children’s beds from the Swedish furniture manufacturer – namely the Kura bed. We have already shown you some great DIY ideas on how to convert the Ikea cot. Whether as a loft bed, as a cozy house bed or even for 2 or more children, the variants are as good as infinite.

The right furnishings make it easier to go to bed

Design a play area under the Kura loft bed

Bedtime is a challenge for many parents. Some children do not go to bed of their own accord and postpone this moment as long as possible. But with a simple trick, the Ikea Kura cot can be transformed into a place where children not only like to go to sleep, but also spend the majority of the time at home.

This makes the Kura bed a favorite place in the children’s room

Children's room idea with blue wall Ikea cot with curtain

Would you like to design a place in the children’s room where your child feels comfortable and safe? An area where they can quietly read a book or play with their favorite toys? Then a play area is exactly what you need! Often, however, children’s rooms are quite small and there is simply not enough space. But not if you have the Ikea Kura cot.

How can this simple bed actually be converted into a cozy play area? The answer is just as simple: turn the bed over. This creates a loft bed that offers plenty of space under the lying area to run around and relax.

Make the play area cozy under the loft bed

Ikea hacks for cot Kura tent under loft bed

So far so good. Now, however, you need to make the play area cozier and decorate it appropriately. Here are a few ideas that your child would surely like.

Ensure privacy with a curtain

Sew and fasten Kura bed curtain

Children also have a right to privacy. With the very little ones, this means above all being able to play undisturbed. Although many parents find it very difficult to leave their child alone, this also has many positive consequences for their development. By playing alone, his self-esteem, his ability to concentrate and his independence are promoted.

Spice up the loft bed from Ikea with a curtain and wallpaper

Children also love hiding places. To create a small private area under the Kura bed, you can simply put a curtain on it. The curtain not only ensures privacy, but can also visually separate the play area from the rest of the room. It is also ideal for the popular game of hide-and-seek.

This is how the dimensions of the curtains can be determined

How to attach a curtain to the Kura loft bed DIY

You can sew a curtain yourself or simply buy it pre-cut. The size of the curtains can be adjusted depending on the idea. Would you like to put a single curtain or two? How many folds should the fabric have? Should the curtain be short or reach the floor? The answers to these questions will determine the exact dimensions of your curtains.

Here is an example: The Ikea Kura bed is 200 cm long. A single bed curtain with a central pleat band with a gathering factor of 1: 2 must therefore be 2 x 2 = 4 meters wide. For two curtains, simply divide in two to determine the width of each curtain. If the curtain is to reach from the bed to the floor, then it must be at least 83 cm long, which corresponds to the height under the Kura loft bed.

How to attach curtains to the Kura bed?

Ikea Kura cot remodel curtains for reading corner

There are also a few variants for attaching. Curtain rods without holes are best. The curtain rod is simply stretched between the bed posts and can be removed again later. However, here it is important that the rod is the correct length. Tie rods are expandable and are best for a project like this.

Design a play area under an Ikea loft bed with a curtain

But how can you attach the curtain to the pole? Loop curtains can be easily pulled onto the rod with the loops. This also conceals the rod, which ensures a clean look. If the curtains do not have loops, they can be attached with rings or clips.

Beautify the Ikea Kura cot

Kura bed curtain in black decoration with wallpaper flower pattern

Although the Kura bed looks a bit unsightly at first glance, it can be easily adapted to any children’s room interior. With a new coat of paint, the wooden posts quickly shine in a whole new light. The fiberboard can also be spiced up. Stick on a beautiful floral wallpaper and the bed will turn into a dream for every little girl.

Ikea Kura cot with chalk board and play area

Alternatively, you can paint the hardboard with blackboard paint and thus make some nice chalkboards for playing and learning yourself. The chalk board encourages creativity and is popular with children of all ages.

The right light for the play area under the loft bed

cozy play area, reading area under Kura bed

If you would like to design the area under the loft bed like a reading corner, then suitable lighting should definitely not be missing. Wall lights are a good option, but in most cases they require a power connection. Battery operated lamps offer a possible alternative to this. A chain of lights, on the other hand, can not only illuminate the cave under the Ikea cot, but also create a cozy atmosphere.

Low Ikea cot with play area for toddlers

Spice up the cot with the Ikea Kura bed canopy

For younger children who sleep restlessly, a loft bed may not be the best option. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to do without the play area. If you attach a curtain to the low Ikea Kura bed, the cot can be used both for sleeping and playing. We’ll show you how to do this below!

Attach the curtain to the Kura bed

DIY sewing curtains attach Ikea Kura bed

What you need:

  • Tape measure
  • scissors
  • Tie rod
  • Curtain rings with clips
  • Curtains (you can buy these ready-made or simply sew them yourself from any fabric)

Slide the clip rings onto the curtain rod. Then stretch the bar between the wooden posts of the bed. You don’t necessarily have to hang the curtain all over the bed – the area between the headboard and the ladder will do. Finally, hang up the curtain using the clips and you’re done.

DIY four-poster bed from Ikea Kura cot DIY idea

It doesn’t always have to be the classic curtain. Here is an example of a beautiful canopy that turns the Ikea cot into a tent for young explorers. Two tablecloths (one 60 x 60 cm for the sides and one 60 x 90 for the roof) were used to sew this canopy. Velcro is used to fasten the sides, and for the upper part – a lampshade made of rattan and fishing line. The braided belts also add a great accent to the design of this bed.

DIY Ikea Kura house bed with canopy

Kura house bed DIY with bed curtain as a canopy

The house bed is a popular design that is growing in popularity. Such a piece of furniture is in line with the pedagogical concept of Maria Montessori, as it promotes child development. If you want to build such a modern cot quickly and easily, then the Ikea Kura cot offers the perfect basis for it. For the roof construction, planed square wood (44 × 44 mm) is also required, which should be cut and assembled to fit. You need four 70 cm long pieces with 45 ° angles and one 2 m long piece. Then with the help of some metal angles and wood screws, the roof structure is connected to the bed frame. And the result? A really cool Ikea bed hack that even inexperienced do-it-yourselfers can do well.

Easy to convert Ikea Kura house bed with curtain

Would you like to convert the Kura bed into a house bed, but still not do without beautiful curtains? Then a bed canopy could be the solution. Ideas and tips on how to attach a canopy in the nursery yourself can be found in this post.

We have collected a few more delightful ideas for the Ikea Kura cot with play area that you can use as inspiration for your own renovation project.

Wallpaper with a floral pattern and a beautiful canopy spice up this Ikea children’s bed

Ikea Kura cot remodel with curtain canopy bed

Kura loft bed with black bed frame and comfortably designed reading corner underneath

DIY idea for Kura loft bed with canopy reading corner

Ikea Hack with play and reading corner under the Kura bed and Trofast shelves as stairs

Girls room with reading corner curtain under Ikea Kura bed

The reading corner under this loft bed is also wonderfully suitable for small guests

Reading corner under Ikea Kura cot design with a curtain

Climb into bed – this is how it works with a small climbing wall on the Ikea Kura cot

Remodel Ikea Kura cot with climbing wall and play area