The first baby – what do you have to consider in the baby room?

Are you expecting your first baby and are you currently planning the baby room? Then in the following article we would like to give you some valuable tips on how you can create a safe environment for your baby in no time at all.

Setting up a baby room – useful tips so that the first baby feels comfortable right away

Bright baby room with wardrobe, cot and changing table

Before we get to the things that should definitely be present in every baby room, we would like to give you a few at this point Tips on furnishing the baby room that you should consider when buying the furnishings:

  • Think in advance how much money you want to spend and what you really need in the first time after the birth.
  • When buying the furniture, pay attention to the quality. So the things can still be used when a second baby is born.
  • Remember that your baby will quickly become a toddler who should still feel comfortable in his room.

First and foremost, you need to think about a cozy wall color and suitable lighting. Baby rooms should appear bright and friendly, which in addition to dimmable lighting also contributes to calm wall colors such as cream, light blue, lime green, pastel tones, light gray or plain white.

Radiant heaters for autumn or winter babies make sense

Dressing up winter baby in the baby room

Babies born in autumn or winter are born during the coldest time of the year. You should therefore pay particular attention to the fact that it is pleasantly warm in the baby’s room. If the output of the heating in the room alone is not sufficient for this, you should use an additional radiant heater, which is attached about 100 cm above the changing table and provides cozy warmth there.

A nice changing table, of course

Changing table with pad as basic equipment for the baby room

A changing table should of course not be missing in any baby room. Take a little more time to buy and choose a changing table that really meets your needs. Make sure that the changing table is not too narrow so that you can still place your baby on it in 2 years. In addition, the changing table should be at least 85 cm high so that you do not have to bend down when changing, which is easy on your back. In addition, the changing mat should be padded and washable so that your baby can lie comfortably on it and you can easily clean the mat if something goes wrong.

A corner to breastfeed

Nice and bright baby room with nursing corner

Mothers who intend to breastfeed their own baby should set up a nursing corner that is as comfortable as possible in the baby room. So you can breastfeed your baby at any time of the day or night in their familiar surroundings and then put them back in their cot.

Extra bed or cot?

Baby room for girls with a cot and a nursing chair

In order to avoid constantly getting up at night, many parents opt for an extra bed, at least in the first few months after the birth, which is placed next to the parents’ bed. In this way, you will always have your baby very close to you for the first time before you get him used to sleeping in his own cot in his room. The bed there should be made of a natural material and have bars. In order for your child to be optimally protected from injuries in their cot, the bed should be laid out with soft, round upholstery.

A cozy play area

Design a play area in the baby and children's room

If you want to set up the room for your child with foresight, you should plan a play area right from the start. Because the time until your child starts to play flies by and then it is advantageous to already have their own play area in the children’s room.

Safety in the baby room is important

Make sockets in the nursery safe for children

One of the most important aspects in the future baby room is safety, which is why you should rely on furniture with rounded edges and handles throughout the room. Also wear Child locks on the sockets contribute to increased safety in the room and a soft carpet prevents injuries as soon as your child starts walking.