Textiles and wallpapers with patterns for children’s rooms from Onszelf

wallpaper with pattern nursery pink yellow

These patterned wallpapers and matching fabrics are the latest designs from the Dutch company Onszelf. Founded by Astrid Nieuwenburg and Claudia Drube, this creative duo designs wallpapers for the children’s room that express the stylish Scandinavian style.

colorful wallpapers with patterns for the nursery

wallpaper pattern wow collection onszelf red blue children's room

The sample wallpapers are cheerful and colorful, but so that they do not look too dominant in the room, you can only stick a few borders or posters on an accent wall. The smaller motifs on a white background can also be seen on the curtains and bedspreads. They are the perfect couple, but even without the fabrics, the wallpapers can easily be combined with other furniture and accessories.

Wallpapers with patterns for the girl’s room

wallpaper with pattern fairies children's room red white onzself

A few of our favorites are within Onszelf’s “Wow” collection. These beautiful pink and blue wallpapers for children’s rooms contain whimsical decorative elements that would create a fairytale atmosphere for your girl. These patterned wallpapers could be especially cute in a princess room.

Cloud patterns on wallpaper and curtains

wallpaper pattern boy room blue clouds

If you are looking for something a bit gaudy then this red “wow” color with silver fairies is for you because it is so unusual. After all, these fairy patterns can be the perfect accent for a fairytale-themed nursery. The tender, dancing fairies adorn the walls with symmetrical, clear lines.

Bambi collection in black and white and yellow

wallpaper pattern fabrics children's room bambi collection

Motifs with little sheep

wallpaper create motifs onszelf children's room

Scandinavian style in the baby room

wallpaper pattern children's room scandinavian brown wood

Border and wallpaper

wallpaper pattern border children's room butterflies

Wallpapers with hearts for teenagers’ rooms  pattern wallpaper teenage room girl hearts onszelf

Nautic posters and wallpaper

wallpaper pattern children's room red white nutic

sweet red mushrooms

wallpaper pattern children's room red mushrooms onszelf

Combination red and light blue

   wallpaper pattern children's room light blue red combination

Patchwork with stars

wallpaper pattern children's room onszelf stars collection

  wallpaper pattern dog sticker border

golden stars

wallpaper pattern children's room golden stars white