Repurposing an old baby bed – 23 brilliant recycling ideas

old baby bed bench idea recaceln noble design

Babies grow quickly. First out of the cradle, then out of the cot. If you are not planning any other children at the moment, then you can convert the cot. But how can you re-using an old cot? Take a look at our recycling ideas and you will find the inspiration for them.

Convert the old baby bed into a clothes horse

old baby bed clothes rack wood idea easy diy

An old crib could have many functions other than storing old things in the basement. Make a desk for the home office by placing a glass top on it. You can use the dismantled grids as a book or newspaper holder. The bed springs mounted on the wall serve as vintage memo boards for little notes and calendars. If you saw out one side of the cot, it turns into a nice play or desk for the nursery. You can even paint the tabletop with blackboard paint. Another interesting idea for the nursery would be to build a playhouse for all of the girls’ dolls.

Dismantle the old cot

old cot corner bench design vintage seat pad cushion stripes

The old baby bed shouldn’t necessarily just stay in the nursery. Make a bench for the porch, a raised bed for herbs in the garden, or even a serving table for the BBQ area. The cot can also be converted into a wonderful veranda swing.

Wall decoration idea

old baby bed wall decoration idea pictures photos wooden strips

Chair made from a shabby-style baby bed

old cot chair wood dark cushion green

Bench for the veranda

wood cot baby bench porch repurpose

Desk for the nursery

old wood cot ideas recycling nursery desk

good organization for the learning place

old cot roll blackboard paint children's room play table

Cot as a bench

old baby bed recycling bench porch paint orange

Serving table for the grill area

baby bed ideas recycling serving table outdoor area terrace

Chairs in the kitchen

old baby bed recycling kitchen chairs shabby chic

Grid mounted on the wall

old baby crib ideas recycling railing wall mounted toys

Bed springs as a memo board

old baby bed ideas recycling bed springs memoboard vintage

Buffet for the baby shower

old baby bed ideas baby shower table cupcakes cakes

Playhouse for the dolls

old baby bed ideas recycling playhouse nursery dolls

old wood baby bed ideas recycling white bench hallway pillows

vintage-iron-cot-cot-herb garden-raised bed

old cot iron garden ideas recycling plants

old cot ideas recycling white bench garden cushions

old baby bed repurpose glass top desk home office

vintage baby cot bed springs recycling wall memoboard

old baby bed ideas recycling swing iron chains

old cot ideas recycling books magazine holder