Pink children’s room with bathroom – furnishing for a little princess

pink children's room complete furnishings wool poufs light wood floor

A pink nursery every little girl wants to give But this is a whole suite for little princesses as it comes with a bathroom and dressing room. This sweet girl’s room amazes not only with the large flirtatious four-poster bed, but also for the absolutely cool pink decorations.

Pink children’s room with bathroom and dressing room

pink room princess bathroom dressing room small bedroom

The four-poster bed is the absolute focal point in this nursery. It could be covered with curtains for a magical effect. The fabric should be light and transparent so that it will let the light through. The most important thing is not to break the visual continuity in the room.

The white curtains, the clothes rack and the radiator create a white backdrop for the delicate pink color. In contrast, there is the cozy wool pouf from Maison de Vacances.

Pink children’s room with cute decorations and poufs

pink children's room little princess standing shelf pouf wool

In order to improve the romantic appearance of the bedroom, a white standing shelf was chosen. The light color of the wooden floor blends in with the pink and white colors and is ideal for creating an atmosphere from another time with a vintage feel.

Bathroom design for little kid

children's room with bathroom complete equipment adapted to child height

The bathroom has been adapted to the age and size of its owner. The care products are stored in baskets on the lower shelf of the vanity.

Magnet board with pink pockets

pink nursery little princess memo board white pink

To keep your treasures and school supplies, the little princess also has a white magnetic board with five pink pockets.

And here is the floor plan of that suite in pink and white

pink nursery little princess room planning floor plan

1st bathroom

2. Dressing room

3 bedrooms