Pink children’s room for girls – Paris motifs and charming wall decorations

Pink nursery girl white purple black wardrobe sticker

Paris is the capital of fashion and a symbol of romance and elegance. Every girl has known this since childhood. So, you can do the simple one pink nursery for girls spice it up a bit and decorate it with Paris motifs. If you would like to bring a little piece of this enchantingly romantic city into the girl’s room, here we offer you some ideas.

Pink nursery for girls and Paris theme

teenage room girls paris theme stickers wardrobe doors

For this thematic establishment, you can use the city’s most famous symbols. The Eiffel Tower as wall stickers or figures, cute poodles, sentences and words in French, as well as ornate mirror frames and chandeliers. Paris is also often associated with fashion, so you can find round hat boxes, perfumes, decorative iron clothes racks, etc..

Pink children’s room for girls with Paris wall decoration

Children's room for girls retro charm eiffel tower wall decal

The matching color combinations are pink and black, black and purple, black and chocolate brown. Make sure that the atmosphere in the children’s room should not be too “romantic”. A pink nursery for girls should look rather cute.

Wall paintings from Paris – the Eiffel Tower and street lamps

Pink nursery girl wall paintings street lamps eiifelturm

The wall tattoos are the best decision for wall decoration. City silhouettes of Paris and the Eiffel Tower are practical and come in a variety of colors and sizes. You could also buy various accessories and even furniture in the shape of the Eiffel Tower or with its pictures. For example, a lot of beautiful pillows, table lamps and other elements of room design.

Wallpaper with Paris symbols

Pink nursery for girls wallpaper paris symbols

Eiffel Tower figures

Pink nursery black eiffel tower figures

Vintage picture frame wall decals

Pink nursery for girls paris wall art stickers

Wall stickers with Paris motifs

Pink nursery for girls wall decals paris motifs

Decorative pillows

Children's room combination mint decorative pillows paris

Vintage black picture frames

Pink baby room for girls stripes black mirror frame

Clothes rack and hearts   teen room for girls black wall paint clothes rack

Baby room in chocolate brown and pink  baby room pink brown curtains window wall decoration tree

Wall decoration with pictures of antique clothes racks

nursery paris theme murals antique clothes racks

Baby room for girls

baby room for girls vintage furniture paris wall decoration


Children's room for girls wall painting paris scene eiffel tower

 Zebra pattern and pink – extravaggant design

baby room pink black paris theme set up