Loft bed in the children’s room – for and against the space-saving piece of furniture

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More and more parents are choosing the space-saving one Loft bed in the children’s room. But what speaks for it and what against it, and what should you consider when buying?

Loft bed in the children’s room – from what age?

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That Loft bed in the children’s room is considered a space-saving alternative to ordinary beds. If you have a room about 3 meters high, you can provide a bunk bed. Cabinets, comfortable benches or a desk can be placed under the bed. However, this design is suitable for children aged 6 and over. Younger children can injure themselves while playing, turn over in their sleep, or fall from bed. The bed is also rather unsuitable for children who walk in their sleep. To be on the safe side, the railings should be at least 20cm high. A soft carpet should be placed in front of the bed. Those who take these safety measures will be able to avoid accidents. Ultimately, it is always advisable to continue to find out about the potential risks in the store and, to be on the safe side, to consult with the pediatrician.

The loft bed in the children’s room – combine the individual modules

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Who is for Loft bed in the children’s room often wants to make sensible use of the free space under the bed. Preferably design a seating area underneath or have a cupboard system built in. The desk should be located in close proximity to the window and not in the dark corner under the loft bed. Appropriate lighting should also be installed – so that the children can read in bed. The colors of the bed should be coordinated with the function – orange, green and blue relax the senses, while the red color tires the eyes.

The collection of Dearkids is an excellent example of a successful combination between comfort and security.

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