Ideas for wall design with color – hand-painted motifs in the children’s room

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Wall design ideas with color In the nursery, the little dwarfs can see a dream world right in front of their eyes. Choose your favorite motifs based on your child’s interests and preferences. The animals from the savannah in Africa or South America, for example, appear almost alive and provide inspiration and joy in children’s hearts. Popular giraffes, zebras and leopards, baby elephants and monkeys show the common well-being in the wilderness, from which every child can ask questions of knowledge to their parents and will also evoke popular topics for stories and discussions.

Ideas for wall design with color cartoon series


 When the child is still young and does not own an aquarium, the parents will have the Wall design ideas with color the perfect solution for the interim and growing period. The girls love Arielle the little mermaid with her friends from the ocean and her appearance causes a stir not only in the fairy tale by Hans Chrstian Andersen, but also for loud enthusiasm when watching the Disney cartoon. The yellow color embodies the sand on the seabed, the magnificent red is a symbol for the long hair of Ariel and the starfish, lightening blue with air bubbles represents the clean water – the home for the inhabitants of the ocean. Wonderful and great figures, hand-painted motifs and scenes from the world of fairy tales are a feel-good space for the children.

Wall design ideas with color Star Wars to the front


 Girls love rabbits and princesses, small animals and beautiful trees from the forest and the boys prefer powerful actors, cars and robots, who are first loved with Lego bricks and toys and are later respected on TV or when designing their own rooms, such as beds or Tavern. Wall design ideas with color For youth rooms, the Jedi Knight as Lego figures, for example, can make the tender boy’s hearts melt with joy. The figures will appear on the wall like a page torn out by hand from the magazine and, thanks to the signal colors and the art of hand painting, will increasingly create a lively feeling.



Sweet motifs for the very little ones at home


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Experience painting up close


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Baby bed room tree with caterpillar wall idea

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Zoo wall paint nursery palm tiger

Cars cartoon motifs

Wall design-Cars-Motifs-TV movie

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Wall design in the children’s room

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The fairy tale world in the girl’s room


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