Ideas for a youth room – 18 suggestions for furnishing corners


The modern youth room design is an inexhaustible and individual source of inspiration. Today’s youth have their own Ideas for a youth room and its furnishings in terms of colors, furniture and wall decoration. In this article we are going to consider some examples and how the special features of a teenage room draw our attention. Whether it is a study counter, sleeping area or technology point, the contemporary space offers girls and boys enough activities and space for their own rest and relaxation.

Ideas for a youth room with graffiti

Graffiti design ideas wall decoration youth room

Ideas for a youth room with graffiti on the floor or as wall decor is not for everyone, especially when it comes to the opinion of parents. Graffiti design is a creative way of showing your own preferences, characters and thoughts in an alternative way – on the floor or on the wall. They can even embellish a brick wall and inspire your boy. In the growing up phase, comic books are a popular hobby and part of the youth world. Girls find inspiration and imitation in this world and put black and white figures on the wall in their room, while the boys experiment more with colors and patterns. Of course, it is individually omitted which motifs and heroes appear in each room.

Ideas for a youth room with colors

Wooden-wall-with-shelves-and-desk-drawer baskets

Designing youth rooms in color refers not only to the walls, but also to the furniture. Green, orange, and blue are great Ideas for a youth room with color design. We find the blue color palette on the ceiling of a boy’s room and recognize cloud patterns. Dark wood, bookshelves and an office table are part of the wall for creative thinking in the youth room. Classic white or beige walls are equipped with bedroom furniture of retro design, or with individual preferences for Asian symbols or geometric figures from the world of mathematics. For the not-too-old age of the teenage times, signal green walls with orange carpets and colorful wooden furniture would be perfect to support the more creative preferences of the children.


Design youth rooms with colors

Wall decoration with figures art wall youth room

Light floor, office table, art wall


Practical youth room, furniture for little space


Retro furniture with classic accents


Learn to design a creative idea for a youth room


Boy's room-with-plush-dog-brick wall-with-graffiti

Youth room-retro-with-dark-wood-classic

Youth room with blue sports jacket