Furnishing children’s rooms age-appropriate – tips for choosing the right children’s furniture

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Expectant parents are faced with the first important decision a few months before the birth – planning the baby room. It should be practical, but at the same time future-oriented. And while in the first year of his life the baby only needs a cot and changing table, the interior is then gradually added to with new furniture. The challenge of setting up the children’s room in an age-appropriate manner can easily be mastered with these useful tips.

Furnishing children’s rooms age-appropriate – good planning is crucial

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Not every room in the house is suitable for babies’ rooms and later for children’s rooms. Therefore, parents need to think about which room best suits the needs of the child. Above all, it should be bright and, if possible, not face a busy street – noise can cause sleep disorders in small children. Basically, a child needs at least 12 square meters of living space to feel comfortable. Siblings can share a room if they are not far apart in terms of age.

The next step is the future-oriented planning of the children’s room. For this purpose, a room sketch is first drawn up, where doors, windows, sloping ceilings and power connections are marked. Then the furniture can also be selected.

Set up children’s rooms in an age-appropriate manner – basic equipment for babies and toddlers

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Babies and toddlers up to three years of age can sleep in a cot without any problems – models in which the lying surface can be adjusted in height and the grid side can be removed are advantageous. Together with a changing table, the baby bed forms the basic equipment in the nursery. Since the room is pretty empty at this point, colorful wallpaper or wall stickers can beautify the walls. Ideally, these should be attached at the toddler’s eye level – on the one hand, they are guaranteed to attract their attention, and on the other hand, they can be hidden later with a wardrobe or desk.

Furnishing children’s rooms age-appropriate – interior design for kindergarten age

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In kindergarten age the little ones are very active – and the children’s room has to be designed accordingly. The cot is exchanged for a cot that grows with the child, the changing table for a wardrobe. A small play area is then set up in front of the window – with a play table, with storage space for toys and painting utensils. Shelves, baskets and plastic boxes are practical. Parents can do without wall decorations – instead, the children’s room is embellished with colorful curtains and bed linen.

Furnishing children’s rooms age-appropriate – interior design for school age

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At school age, parents can replace the gaming table with a desk – this quickly turns the play area into a reading area. The shelves house books, while the toys are kept in hanging baskets next to the wardrobe. From the age of 10, a half-height bed with a bed box can also be purchased. From this age on, the decoration is left to the child.

Modern and stylishly furnished children’s room for children of school age

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