Furnishing and designing children’s playrooms – great ideas for a dream location

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Without a doubt, the playroom is one of the most special and important places for your children. There they can run around and spend hours with their toys. The children’s room must be designed with a lot of love and imagination so that the children feel really comfortable there too. In this article we will give you tips and ideas on how to create a particularly beautiful one Set up children’s playroom where your offspring will undoubtedly feel great in their very own realm.

Set up a children’s playroom and create a unique place to run around and dream

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Setting up an extra children’s playroom has several advantages. The children have all the space to themselves and can just leave the toys lying around. Because the next day the game will continue. If you want to set up a children’s playroom, it is very important and also useful to include the little ones as far as possible in the design of your own playroom. Try to take into account the wishes of the children, after all, they will be the ones who will spend your time there. Furnishing and designing children’s playrooms should primarily be tailored to their age and needs. The number of children who will be in the play room must also be taken into account. Although siblings of different ages have different interests, there are things that make a child’s room incredibly cozy and that should not be missing.

Set up children’s playrooms – child-friendly, functional and visually appealing


Children like to move, especially the very little ones. For this reason, there must be enough space in the playroom. Do not overcrowd the room to allow the children to move freely. When setting up a children’s playroom, it should be a comfortable one Seating come first. Although it is often noisy in this room, even the wildest bundles of energy need a little break to rest and recharge their batteries. A small seating group made up of table and chairs offers children the opportunity to do handicrafts, read or paint with their siblings and friends. Colorful stools, poufs and seat cushions with funny patterns not only look very stylish, but are also very practical. They can be put away in no time when you don’t need them.

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If you want to set up a favorite spot in the children’s playroom for your child, you can put your own armchair in an attractive design in the room or attach a hanging chair. Bean bags in various shapes and sizes, as well as seat cubes that you can paint yourself, are also functional and comfortable seats and give the room a very personal touch. Every child looks forward to different games and toys, especially if they have a large selection. So that the children’s room doesn’t look chaotic right away, it’s worth using the storage thinking in baskets, boxes and boxes. The boxes and crates not only allow tidy stowage, but can also set beautiful, colorful accents in the room. Let your little ones help with tidying up, so they quickly learn that order is important in the children’s playroom.

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You will easily achieve a great structure and overall appearance in the room if you use different ones Areas set up in the children’s playroom. A handicraft or work corner with a table, a cozy corner or a reading corner, this division makes the room clear and comfortable. Carpets in different colors make the individual areas in the room recognizable and offer comfortable play opportunities on the floor. Carpets in strong and fresh colors create an atmosphere of well-being. The right wall color and design also contributes to a child-friendly ambience. Light or pastel tones are wonderfully suitable for the playroom. For example, pink, light green and light blue make the room look more spacious.

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Of course, you can choose any other color that goes with the rest of the interior and that you and your children like. A two-tone coat also looks very nice. An accent wall or a matching border loosen up the children’s room and give the room a unique charm. Cute wall tattoos and stickers are perfect for that Wall design in the children’s playroom. They’re easy to use, quick to attach, and just as quick to take off again. They are very practical when setting up and designing children’s rooms, as tastes constantly change over the course of childhood. Sample wallpapers also open up many design options. You are welcome to decorate the walls in the play room with your children’s own masterpieces. Well presented, they are sufficient for a unique wall design.

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You can also set up an attractive children’s playroom with various Exercise incentives, that you integrate into the room. You can achieve the variety of exercise in your own living environment with little effort. Children love movement – jumping, hopping, climbing and swinging, you can do all of this in your own realm. A climbing wall, gymnastics rings or a balance seesaw transform the children’s room into a space for movement. You can also attach colorful indoor boulders to the wall. A mattress that you place on a non-slip surface ensures safety when climbing. The children can really let off steam here and long hours of great fun are sure to be inevitable. You are welcome to attach a swing to the ceiling or in the door frame. With a swing in their own playroom, your child doesn’t have to wait for good weather. If you want to provide more adventure in the playroom, the plate swings are a great alternative. Your children will no doubt love to fly around the room. The aerial towels, which also serve as a climbing aid and a swing, also prevent boredom.


What do you think of setting up a basketball court in the children’s playroom? A small basketball hoop can easily be attached to the wall. A home-friendly alternative to the hard balls are, for example, the small foam balls. Throwing and catching is a great activity even for very young children. This will develop their motor skills. A slide in the playroom is a great purchase that your children will love. A slide brings fun and action to the children’s playroom at the same time.

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Children’s furniture, like that Children’s kitchen or the grocery store are intended exclusively for creative play and they fascinate girls and boys alike. If there is not enough space in the play room or you do not want to spend a lot of money on the play kitchen, you can build a unique children’s kitchen for the little cooks yourself with just a few materials, a little craftsmanship and creativity. For example, you can convert an old and unusable piece of furniture into a play kitchen. A large cardboard box can serve you well too.

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For the body of the kitchen in mini format, you and your child only need to paint or paste the cardboard as the mood takes you. An authentic play kitchen can also be created from a large wine box. Circles made of black foam rubber transform into professional stovetops. To operate the stove correctly, buttons and fittings are of course necessary, which can simply be painted on. The basin can be created in no time from a metal bowl.

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In a real kitchen, the right accessories should of course not be missing. Every child is fascinated by various utensils from the kitchen. In the toy store you will find all kinds of utensils that look deceptively real. The big little cooks are also welcome to use real small pans, pots, mixing spoons, whisks and other accessories.


Various staple foods can also be imitated with a little creativity from foam rubber or felt. Let your creativity run free and try to design the necessary products for your little chef from simple materials. For example, you can fill an empty pasta box with pasta from paper tubes or sew tea bags from scraps of fabric.

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For a great accent and for exciting activity for your child, there is one in the children’s playroom blackboard care for. Put a small blackboard in the playroom and let your child write down little notes, paint them or leave nice personal messages. You are welcome to put a blackboard on the wall or simply paint a plate with blackboard paint. A great idea would be to paint an entire wall in the children’s playroom with blackboard paint. Children are really happy about walls that are painted with blackboard from floor to ceiling. So the children can create a unique wall decoration every day and you no longer need to forbid the wall painting.

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An oversized board is great fun for the children and stimulates creativity. The little ones will love to work on large pieces of art made of chalk. With blackboard paint you can also just set accents in the room. A smaller area with a colorful blackboard also offers the opportunity to let off steam creatively. You can also apply the blackboard paint to the wall in the form of a triangle or circle or perhaps paint entire figures with it. If you want, you can apply a layer of magnetic paint under the blackboard paint. Your child is welcome to attach magnets and create great figures. A great alternative to the washable blackboard paint are blackboard foils that you can stick on doors or furniture. These can later be easily removed from the surface.

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When furnishing the children’s playroom, among other things, it makes sense that you design a great place to play quietly or to come down and relax. Children love to be hidden and undisturbed. A creative hiding place, a small one Playhouse or you can build a castle yourself with cardboard boxes. Incidentally, old furniture can be repurposed with little effort and turned into great magical hiding places and playhouses. An old cupboard, for example, can be transformed into a dreamy playhouse with soft cushions or a mattress. There your child can play with the toys or perhaps devote themselves to a favorite book.