Furnishing and designing baby rooms for twins – 30 inspiring ideas

baby room for twins yellow-blue-cream-boy-girl-zigzag-carpet

Are you fortunate enough to have twins? Then you are probably already thinking about how to best furnish the nursery, which was originally intended for just one baby. Whether for girls, boys or for the pair of twins, we have some wonderful ideas for the design of the Baby room for twins compiled. There are also a few tips for twin parents that might come in handy when setting up. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and the hours after the birth!

Ideas baby room for twins

baby room for twins romantically-furnished-metal-beds-gold-color-dusky pink

The twin equipment is available in different materials. Of course, the color variants also vary. While some prefer wood, there are others who like the charm of the metal furniture. A great example of the second variant are these beautiful metal beds in golden color, which not only look nostalgic but also classy.

Set up baby room for twins with white furniture

baby room for twins simple-romantic-vintage-girl-murals-bunny-wardrobe

You can design a baby room completely white if you do not yet know the gender of the children but would like to furnish the room already. When it comes to wooden furniture, it is currently popular to fall back on the vintage or country house style, because they are romantic and have a wonderful charisma. This baby room set for a baby room for twins consists of a small wardrobe, two beds and a stool. The changing table is on the other side of the room.

Idea for girls

baby room for twins girl-idea-pink-white-country-style-metal-chair

The twins’ cot can be chosen in a neutral color and then, with the help of the cushions, blankets or pillows, be designed in a suitable color depending on the gender, but does not have to be. This baby room for twins mainly consists of a white or cream color combined with a delicate old pink. The design of the niche with a wall painting is also interesting.

Idea for a pair of twins

baby room for twins twins-blue-pink-beige-carpet-couch

Here you can see a baby room set in white for a pair of twins, where each bed has been designed according to gender. The baby room for twins is spacious and offers space for a sofa that replaces the classic nursing chair. The beds can be used as an extra bed and, thanks to the wheels, can be easily moved if necessary.

Room in gray-beige

baby room for twins parquet-green-furniture-sofa-cream-wall paint-3d-panels

In this children’s room for twins, gray-beige is the main color. With this, the walls were designed with a 3D effect. There is also some white furniture that makes the room look even friendlier. The baby beds in the baby room for twins are green and represent the accents in the room. The warm parquet floor also ensures comfort.

Dark wood furniture

baby room for twins cots-dark-wood-blue-changing table-cabinet

Darker furniture can also be used for the baby room for twins. In this room, this type of wood is not only found in the blind-look beds, but also in a number of other elements. The wallpaper with its checkered pattern also looks very attractive and cozy. The neutral earth tones are combined with some dark blue furniture, such as the changing table and the side table.

Design a maritime baby room for twins

baby room for twins maritime-boys-room-furnishing-blue-white

A maritime baby room for twins in blue and white is particularly suitable for boys. You decide for yourself how much blue you want to use for the design. Usually white is the main color, while blue is used to accentuate it. Some nautical symbols such as anchors or ship motifs can also be used for the decoration.

White as the main color

baby room for twins cots-white-wood-blue-accents-nautical-sailor-theme

Because white is the main color, a more delicate and subtle design is created. Although the beds in the baby room for twins appear identical at first glance, they differ due to the motifs used for the four-poster bed and the throw pillow. While an anchor is depicted on one, the other is adorned with a boat.

Furnishing rooms – ideas for girls and boys

baby room-twins-blue-white-boys-nursing-chair-chest of drawers-wooden-rocking horse

Blue and white were also used for the design and decor in this baby room for twins. The composition of the furniture could again be described as patchwork. A white armchair is combined with gray beds and a chest of drawers as a changing table. The result is an attractive mix that gives the room a special charm.

Decorate wall

baby room-twins-light-wall-gray-beds-lattice-wall-decorate-picture frames

Wall decorations make every room more beautiful. This is not only the case in the baby room for twins. Still, picture frames and other decorations can be considered. If the wall decorations are above the beds, make sure that they are well attached and cannot fall, or leave a small space between the wall and the beds.

Baby furniture set for twins

baby room-twins-wallpaper-stripes-pattern-beige-white-beds-side by side

If there is a sofa in the baby room, the cots can also be used as an extra bed for the twins. Of course, beds with wheels would be more advantageous in this case. Otherwise, this is an extremely romantic baby room for twins. Striped patterns are also very popular for wall design. These can be painted on the wall with paint or chosen in the form of wallpaper.

Single color baby room complete set

baby room-twins-corner-window-daybed-cot-dresser-modern-white

A baby room completely in white has the advantage that this neutral furniture can be combined with any other color. In addition to blue and white for boys and girls, a shade of brown was chosen for the wall in this baby room for twins. You can also see a way to set up a small room here.

Set up the beds as you like

baby room-twins-large-children's room-wall-design-blue-beige-armchair-sofa-curtains

How exactly you set up the beds naturally depends on the size of the room and the amount of remaining furniture and accessories. Usually the baby beds are placed next to each other and only separated from each other by a chest of drawers or the changing table. The beds can stand lengthways or crossways. In some cases, the L-shape works better, and sometimes there are beds against two opposite walls. What works best for twins in your baby room is something you have to try for yourself.

Blue furniture for twins

baby room-twins-light-blue-furniture-stylish-carpeting-indirect-lighting

If you have boys, you can choose the furniture in the baby room completely in blue. A light baby blue looks very nice and cozy. You can combine the colored furniture with a neutral color such as beige, cream or white, or you can choose a subtle accent color, as in this example for a baby room for twins, for which pastel yellow was chosen.

Baby room wall design for twins

baby room-twins-green-blue-floor-blue-wall-painting-landscape-trees

The wall design is one of those elements in every baby room that is probably the most thought about. Should there be an accent wall or light pastel colors are more suitable. Is it better to use wall paint or wallpaper is the better choice. In the end it all depends on your taste. Wall paintings are also a great idea. In the baby room for twins, wallpapers with a landscape or playful motifs and pictures can also be attached.

The light in the baby room

baby room-twins-noble-wall-design-twins-couple-neutral-colors

The light in the baby room doesn’t have to be bright and intrusive. After all, there is no reading here and it is still too early to do homework. Some wall lights or indirect lighting are completely sufficient and create a cozy atmosphere that does not disturb the newborn, but rather calms them down. A great example is the twins baby room upstairs.

Noble baby beds

baby room-twins-beds-upholstery-quilted-stool-canopy bed-sideboard

Indirect lighting can also be found in this baby room for twins. The elegant baby beds with upholstery and four-poster beds are also eye-catchers. Since these beds look rather massive, they are more suitable for a large room. The small seating area on the right in the picture, which can be used for reading, is also interesting.

Design baby rooms for twins with names

baby room-twins-inspiration-furnishing-name-wall-pictures-frame-decoration-idea

It is not uncommon for parents to want to design the baby room for twins with the names of the babies. Either picture frames are used for this or the lettering is designed directly on the wall. The names are usually located directly above the respective bed, but they can also be embroidered on a blanket or pillow. A nice idea is the variant above with a rustic picture frame.

Baby room for boys with wall design

baby room-twins-masculine-design-furniture-bright-decoration-carpet-accessories

In this baby room for twins, the names were again painted directly on the wall. This has the disadvantage that it can only be removed by repainting. If you plan to completely redesign the room after a few years anyway, this is not a problem. Wall tattoos are also a good alternative and in many cases can even be removed again without any problems.

Minimalist interior

baby room-twins-modern-baby-beds-glass-suspended-ceiling-mint-green-wall-paint

Those who like the minimalist furnishing style can of course also choose this for the baby room for twins. This is the style of the furniture in this example. Of course, there should be no lack of color in a children’s room. A mint green wall with some nice wall tattoos and a pink wallpaper adorn two of the room walls.

Practical shelf

baby room-twins-original-idea-ceiling-shelf-pink-furniture-armchair-girl-built-in-shelves

Use every free space for decoration and storage space in a small baby room for twins. This girl’s room has an original shelf that was designed directly under the low ceiling. It is used for various vintage decorations, which are also illuminated with built-in lights. A nice pastel pink is the main color.

Wall painting

baby room-twins-small-room-white-furniture-mural-tree-blind

This beautiful boy’s room with blue walls and white furniture has a cute wall painting depicting a tree and a monkey. Since it is a small baby room for twins, furniture was saved. The beds face each other. In between there is a comfortable armchair for breastfeeding. For small rooms, choose the lightest possible colors.

Furnishing with lots of toys

baby room-twins-extravagant-baby-beds-retro-shelf-ladder-toys

Even if most of the toys are not used, especially in the beginning, they represent a child-friendly and playful decoration. And it is precisely for this purpose that toys and plush animals can be used in the baby room for twins. Design different shelves or showcases with them and create a child-friendly atmosphere.

Baby room for twins with a purple accent wall

baby room-twins-accent-wall-purple-white-cot-carpet-dot-pattern-feminine

As you have already seen, you can highlight the area of ​​the beds in a variety of ways. In the example above, an accent wall was designed in dark purple that perfectly accentuates the white beds. In order to make the wall look a little more playful, little bunnies were chosen as decoration. The white furniture is combined with a dark parquet.

Noble baby room for twins

baby room-twins-noble-wall-panels-mirror-decoration-carpet-gold-effects-minimalistic-changing-table

This baby room for twins looks very noble, which is not only due to the colors that are reminiscent of metallic. The wall panels with their original design also contribute to this, as does the use of mirrors, which not only serve a decorative purpose, but also make the small room appear larger. A minimalist chest of drawers as a changing table creates a certain modern flair.

Half-height wallpapers

baby room-twins-rustic-floor-parquet-laminate-closet-sliding-doors-children's room-idea

You can also use half-height wallpaper for the wall design, if a completely colored and covered one is too much of a good thing for you. Leave the upper half white or combine with another color. In a small baby room for twins, a cupboard with sliding doors looks very good because it saves space.

Design with patterns

baby room-twins-wall-pattern-vintage-light-blue-white-carpet-zigzag-pattern

Different patterns are also a great idea for designing a baby room for twins and for interior design in general. Not only was a beautiful wall created here with the help of patterns. The carpet with its zigzag pattern is also a real eye-catcher. Since there are white elements in the patterns, they blend in wonderfully with the white furniture.

Modern baby room for twins

baby room for twins black-white-modern-window-curtains-plant

This baby room for twins shows another modern furnishing idea. Black and white were chosen as colors. In order to create a sufficiently friendly atmosphere, black should only be used as an accent and white should be the main color. The beds have interesting, transparent bars and the carpet has a modern pattern.

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