Furnishing a children’s room in Scandinavian style – 24 ideas

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-cool-interior-ideas

A Children’s room in Scandinavian stylel is bright, cheerful and inviting. Because the neighbors from the northern countries specialize in the stylish, space-saving interiors. When it comes to the choice of colors, the Scandinavian furnishings score points – subtle pastel colors or strong yellow and blue accents arouse the imagination of the little ones. We’ll show you 24 cool ideas for creative wall design, furniture selection and decoration – let yourself be inspired!

Children’s room in Scandinavian style – colorful design Children's room-Scandinavian-style-green-color-storage space

The professionals at Ikea show how it is done – the simple oak furniture is spiced up with decoration and textiles in an accent color. Green is a strong color that promotes learning and at the same time relaxes the eyes. In addition, the natural wood color in combination with the green tent forms an attractive duo.

Design children’s rooms in Scandinavian style – storage space, storage space, storage space

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-colorful-design-ideas

The modern children’s room grows with them – and the bigger the children, the more storage space is needed – for toys, painting utensils, books and school supplies. With bench chests, toy boxes and shelf frames, order will prevail in the nursery in no time.

Design children’s rooms in Scandinavian style – make small rooms look big

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-furnishing-ideas-modern

The small children’s room looks bigger when the walls are painted white. The laminate floor makes the room look homely. The furnishings, on the other hand, are colorful – the cupboards are pepped up with adhesive film, and colorful decorative pillows decorate the bed.

Children’s room in the Scandinavian style – pastel colors

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-wall-design-two-colors

The children’s room in pastel colors has great appeal. Those who like to experiment can decorate the walls with geometric patterns.

Design a play area in the nursery

Nursery Scandinavian Style Tent Wall Stripe Toy Boxes

Even if the children’s room is small, a play area should not be missing. Because with games, the creativity of the little ones is promoted. In the Scandinavian interior, the play corners are optically separated.

Cool wall shelves in the baby room

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-yellow-white-wall

A modern shelving system in the baby room offers storage space for books, toys and accessories. The shelves should ideally be inseparable from the cot.

Scandinavian children’s room – chest of drawers in cheerful colors

Children's room Scandinavian style pastel color chest of drawers

The cupboards, changing tables and chests of drawers in several colors are the hallmark of the Scandinavian children’s room. They give the room a splash of color and look cheerful.

Baby room with cool wall decoration

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-wall design-pictures-baby bed

Set up a small children’s room

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-furnishing-modern-design

Children's room Scandinavian style artificial turf carpet white walls

Nursery Scandinavian style desk baby bed

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-cute-baby-room-design

Children's room-Scandinavian-style-playroom-attic-family house

Nursery Scandinavian Style Toys Ideas

Nursery Scandinavian style blackboard paint wall

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Nursery Scandinavian style green wall motifs

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