Furnishing a children’s room for two – 20 clever and playful solutions

Children's room for two set up-loft bed-ladder-green-boys-storage-space-drawers

Each Children’s room for two has to offer its little residents their own bed, areas and places of retreat. The parents must consider the differences in age, gender and personality of each child when setting up a shared children’s room. That is why it is not an easy task how to set up two workstations in one room or how to create free space there for the desk of a school beginner and for the handicraft table of his little sister. Among the 20 examples of nursery furnishings given, you can find some practical ideas for solving this challenge.

Set up children’s rooms for two – practical solutions for shared rooms

Children's room for two furnishing-desks-chairs-beds-drawers-wall shelves-carpet

In the first few years of life, the children’s room usually works well for two and siblings have a lot of fun there. The toddlers in particular feel particularly safe in a shared children’s room and even appreciate the presence of their siblings. But later for school children or teenagers who need their own workstations and wardrobes, planning separate areas in the children’s room is recommended anyway. In this case, the playful shelves, bunk beds and cleverly attached curtains are the ideal room dividers in the children’s room. You save a lot of space and this gives every child the opportunity to withdraw. Gym walls, slides and other structures inspire the children’s imagination and help to increase their motivation in their various activities.

Practical room dividers in the children’s room for two

Children's room for two twins-siblings-shelf-room divider-colors-yellow-blue-workplace

In this children’s room for twins, the sleeping area was divided into zones by two toy shelves. The clever idea provides enough space for the various activities of the two children as well as a clear definition of privacy for everything and everyone. The different zones were marked very clearly through the matching color scheme in sky blue and canary yellow.

Common workspace as the centerpiece of the children’s room furnishings

Children's room for two furnished-double bed-desks-window-yellow-accents-laminate floor

If the requirements in the apartment allow you, for a children’s room for two, choose the next larger one to the living room. At least one large window should be available there so that a double work table can be set up underneath. The lighter the corner, the better for the child’s eyes.

Different colors provide functional room separation

Children's room for two beautiful-bright-furnishing-room-dividers-shelving-beds-workplaces-carpet

The individuality of the children is always in the foreground, which is fully applicable to shared rooms. All the accents that visually separate the areas are valuable for the clever furnishings in the children’s room for two. The personality of every child can be developed when choosing the wall color and wall decoration, furniture and bed linen.

Colorful accents in the children’s room for two

Children's room for two set up-white-loft bed-wardrobe-niche-red-upholstered armchair-floor cushions

If you do not overload the ambience in the room with strong colors, plan furniture with a simple design for the children’s room and only use a few bright accents in cheerful colors. As shown in the picture above, upholstered armchairs and a floor cushion in red refresh the interior in shades of gray. An extraordinary solution is the ladder that was hidden behind the wardrobe. A whole construction, consisting of a wardrobe, loft bed and bookcase standing together, creates more private space and is a clever idea for siblings older than 8 years.

A children’s room with a balcony or two workplaces – what is really useful?

Children's room-for-two-furnishing-little-children-pastel-colored-wallpaper-workplaces-wardrobe

If the children’s room is too small, but there is one with a balcony or a small terrace, this can be integrated into the living room. Renovation like this creates additional space where, for example, two desks can be placed.

Airy furnishing for the nursery

Children's room-for-two-furnishing-girl-wall-color-gray-wardrobe-fronts-clock-design

Cabinets and shelves hung on the wall visually provide more space for the children’s room. Floating and open pieces of furniture do not obstruct the view of the various surfaces in the children’s room and conjure it up as a place for optimal relaxation.

Furniture from the carpenter for clever furnishings in children’s rooms for two

Children's room-for-two-furnishing-storage-space-trundle-beds-workplace-bookshelf-white-pink

Although it can be a bit expensive, smart pieces of furniture with an individual design and purpose can only be made to measure. A good example of this is the wall furniture system consisting of a corner wardrobe, two roll-away beds and the storage space above.

Use of color in the children’s room – let the children have a say in the decision

Children's room-for-two-girls-furnish-deco-wall-paint-pink-upholstered-armchair-pray-roman blind

In the nursery, the children must be able to express their emotions with ease and perceive the place as their own little world. Although the white walls make a room appear large, the teenagers may use more colors and contrasts to accentuate their own areas. Better allow them to do so without contradictions and discuss the color palettes for the room decoration together.

Motto accents in the nursery

Children's room-for-two-boys-beds-chest of drawers-wooden-baseball-motto-loft-design

A single wall with motto accents, relating to sports or hobbies, can greatly increase the motivation and performance of your children. Create a playful atmosphere with matching posters, bed linen, souvenirs and the little ones’ trophies.

Room divider for children’s room for two boys

Children's room-for-two-sliding-door-room-divider-set-up-boys-wall-color-wall-decoration-shelves

Can two boys live in a child’s room without often having to argue about ‘mine’ and ‘yours’? Make the most of the space and avoid conflicts between the children when planning the room dividers. In the example shown above, a clever solution has been found with two sliding doors that can be moved behind the wall shelves when they are closed.

The right room divider for the sleeping area

Children's room-for-two-room-divider-shelf-twins-colors-wallpaper-pastel-colors-blue-mirror-room-high

Placing a shelf between two beds as a room divider is an excellent way to properly separate the space in narrow and long children’s rooms. A helpful tip – align the beds and the shelf between them with the door-window line.

Illuminate the children’s room for two in the best possible way

Children's room-for-two-girls-set-up-idea-white-wood-look-wall-loft-bed-zebra-carpet

When setting up, don’t forget the light accents in the children’s room for two so that all areas are properly lit. Bring spring into the room with daylight tubes or decorate the ceiling with a matching children’s room chandelier. If light is required for reading or handicrafts, place LED clip-on spots above the beds or work tables that hardly take up any space.

Another floor in the children’s room for two

Children's room-for-two-living-ideas-piano-free-space-desks-loft bed-solid wood-ladder-floor cushions

Before you look at this idea, it’s hard to believe that two children and a piano could live in a not-so-large room. In such cases, a self-made loft bed shows its strengths to the full, spanning the entire width of the room. There is enough space left to accommodate a piano and two workstations.

A children’s room for two sisters realized with great success

Children's room-for-two-living-ideas-small-room-roll-bed-set-up-wall-decoration-wardrobe

There are three areas necessary for a common children’s room in this room. A space-saving solution has been found for the sleeping area with a trundle bed with two lying areas. A corner wardrobe is provided for storing clothes. For a small children’s room, it is worth finding an alternative for the storage space in the other area of ​​the apartment.

Clever room division in the children’s room for two toddlers

Children's room-for-two-furnishing-storage-space-storage-boxes-under-beds-shelves-room dividers

Sometimes the kids would like to share areas in the nursery. In this pale, the division of space should not be emphasized so sharply. Then curtains in matching patterns or open play frames, which successfully separate the areas visually, come to the rescue.

Children’s room for two brothers with a pirate ship theme

Children's room-for-two-furnish-small-children-boys-motto-piratenschff-blue-red-white

If there is a difference of two to four years in the age of the children, then the interests and play ideas are very similar. The pirate ship themed furniture with a loft bed for the older brother and a pillow bed for the younger brother is a particularly clever idea for the children’s room for two.

The children’s room for two is about more and not less

Children's room-for-two-living-ideas-small-room-wardrobe-beds-set-up-girl-desk

In the small children’s room for two sisters, the problem with the limited space was solved by setting up fold-away beds. This creates an area with two workstations and wall shelves between the two beds, where there are also matching color accents in strong fuchsia – a color that is very popular with girls.

Lots of storage space in the children’s room for two under the sloping roof

Children's room-for-two-furnishing-loft beds-stairs-drawers-wall-shelf-workplaces

The two loft beds create clear lines along the room and the two private areas are clearly identified by the workplaces. This facility in the children’s room for two donates a lot of storage space through the divided storage spaces in the staircase drawers and on the shared shelf under the window.