Furnishing a baby room in white, but decorating it with color – 50 ideas

Baby room in white baby bed-glass-wall sticker-yellow-curtains

You just have a complete one Baby room in white bought – now you don’t know exactly how to spice up the simple baby furniture. Here you will find 50 ideas for decoration in cheerful colors, with wallpaper, stickers, photo wall and of course stylish baby clothes. Let yourself be inspired by the numerous design options and conjure up a sweet, playful and at the same time modern interior.

Baby room in white – modern furnishing, stylish decorating

Baby room in white photo wall-modern-furnish

The modern baby room is practically furnished and imaginatively decorated. More and more often the walls are decorated with photo wallpapers – this way the room can be spiced up, the room looks bigger and the baby is distracted by the colors. Parents mainly opt for nature motifs – they relax the eyes and create a feel-good atmosphere. Another cool idea are wall stickers with animals – owls, giraffes and squirrels create a happy atmosphere in the small baby room. If the room is small or has a sloping ceiling, you can design the ceiling with strips.

Baby room in white – with which colors can the non-color be combined?

Baby room-white-yellow-stripes-modern-ideas

The white color can be perfectly combined with the traditional sky blue and pink, as well as with the trend color honey / yellow /, with gray, with beige, with dark blue … The possibilities are simply endless. For the best effect, you can choose a color scheme from two background and one accent color. In the photo gallery you will find attractive design examples.

Modern baby room designed in white and gray

Baby room-white-cot-dresser-shaggy-carpet

Baby room with wallpaper in wood look

Baby room white wood look wallpaper ideas

Baby room with white cot and curtains with horizontal stripes

Baby room-white-curtain-stripes-green-white

Stylish baby room with a white cot and wallpaper on the wall

Baby room-white-modern-design-carpet-ideas

Modern baby room with wall stickers in natural motifs

Baby room-white-modern-wall sticker-stool-upholstery

Stylishly designed baby room with a blue wall with dots

Baby room-white-wall-design-dots-modern

Modern wall design with wall stickers

Baby room white city wall sticker stripe ideas

Chic baby room decorated in Scandinavian style

Baby room in white stripe blanket shaggy rug

Design baby rooms with wallpaper and furnish them in a modern country house style

Baby room in white wallpaper-motifs-beige-wall-laminate floor

Baby room with giraffe wall stickers – stylish and modern

Baby room in white wall sticker-giraffe

You can make the small baby room look happier with matching wall decorations

Baby room-white wall design-crib-changing table

Wall sticker with tree motifs and cot

Baby room-white-gray-design-wall-sticker-tree

Modern wall design in gray and white in the baby room

Baby room-white-ideas-crib-modern-gray-wall

Make baby rooms for girls modern

Baby room white wall sticker tree baby bed idea

Set up a baby room in white – the rocking horse is absolutely charming

Baby room white rocking horse shaggy ideas

Changing table and cot in white fit into any interior

Baby room-white-modern-yellow-design-examples

Blue wallpaper with animal patterns and a white cot

Baby room-white-wallpaper-animals-stripes-baby bed

Make the baby room modern and colorful

Baby room-white-dresser-spice-up-wallpaper-ideas

Baby room in a tender pink color

Baby room-white-pink-carpet-stripe-wallpapers

Baby room-white-tree-wall design-ideas-DIY

Baby room white tree wall sticker strip floor

Baby room-white-beige-wall stickers-spice up-ideas-tree

Baby room-white-set-up-ideas-wall design-points

Baby room-white-parents-bedroom-one-combine

Baby room-design-white-patchwork-decoration-craft ideas

Baby room-white-gray-design-ideas-modern

Baby room-white-ideas-baby bed-chest of drawers-sky blue walls

Baby room white country style ideas complete set

Baby room-white-stripes-wall-round carpet-roof pitch

Baby room white baby bed rocking chair idea

Baby room white bed canopy twins room

Baby room white bed linen modern idea

Baby room-white-blue-bright-design-country house style

Baby room-white-cream-camel-pink-baby clothes

Baby room white furnishing country style ideas

Baby room-white-light-beige-patchwork carpet

Baby room-white-ideas-picture-traditional-vintage

Baby room white ideas sky blue curtains

Baby room-white-ideas-changing table-shaggy carpet

Baby room-white-country-house-baby-furniture-set-modern

Baby room white lavender upholstery baby bed ideas

Baby room-white-lavender-wall design-ideas-modern

Baby room white pink girl furnishing ideas

Baby room-white-pink-wallpaper-wall-ideas

Baby room white round crib wall design ideas

Baby room-white-traditional-furnishing-french-country-style

Baby room-white-wall-painting-ideas-dark blue-white