Funny and beautiful children’s wallpaper ideas for eye-catchers in the children’s room

Children's wallpaper-fleece-wall-design-radiant-colors-hexagonal-pattern-ornaments-shimmering

Would you like to conjure up a modern flair in the children’s room? Why not take the cozy alternative to simple wall paint – wallpaper! The motif wallpapers are true all-rounders, which are ideal in the children’s room and make the walls an eye-catcher, which often inspires the children’s eyes for a long time. We have put together a cheerful and colorful selection of children’s wallpaper ideas in different designs. Get inspiration for wall design in the nursery!

Children’s wallpaper ideas for more pep in the children’s room

Children's wallpaper-ideas-boy's room-trees-graphic-representation-carpet-geometric-motifs

The children’s wallpaper ideas come in strong or pastel colors and with funny motifs that are simply fun. Whether a photo wallpaper or stripe wallpaper, cool designs ensure a contemporary ambience that makes the hearts of young and old beat faster. In this regard, it is all the more important to pay particular attention to the qualitative aspects of children’s wallpapers. You have the choice between different materials. Children’s wallpapers made of fleece (a combination of cellulose and textile fibers) are particularly breathable, washable and flame-retardant. They are very easy to attach and can easily be removed from the wall again. In addition, they are considered to be more durable than the usual paper wallpapers. Photo wallpapers, which are usually made of paper, are also offered made of fleece.

In the case of paper wallpapers, the surface treatment is less time-consuming and complex. Another plus point is the fact that pure paper wallpapers also meet high requirements with regard to the ecological aspect.

Children’s wallpaper ideas to inspire

Wall decoration-nursery-fleece-wallpaper-prints-butterflies-playful-motifs

The classic pattern wallpapers create a pleasant, inspiring and relaxing atmosphere in the children’s room.

Children’s wallpapers make every wall a highlight


With these children’s wallpapers, the children’s room is transformed into a cool youth room.

Soft colors


Colorful wall borders bring joy

wall design-ideas-kids-wallpaper-borders-happy-girls-room

Wall decoration for the nursery


Paper wallpaper in delicate pastel colors

subtle-pattern-wallpaper-dragonfly-graphic-drawing-children's room-wall-color-ideas

Fresh floral pattern

children's room-girl-sloping-roof-wall-design-wallpaper-delicate-blossoms-flower-pattern

Flowering branches 

Children's wallpaper-tree branches-girl's room-paper-wallpaper-delicate-pastel colors

Beautify the children’s bathroom with colorful children’s wallpapers

Children's wallpaper-fish-wall-decoration-children's room-wall-design-bright-colors

Children's wallpaper-star-pattern-wall decoration-children's room-boy-stripes-carpet-black-white

geometric-wallpaper-design-trendy-variants-extravagant-girls-room-canopy bed


Children's wallpaper-ideas-wall-decoration-nursery-girl-paper-wallpaper-delicate-pastel colors

Children's wallpaper-clouds-pattern-white-gray-nostalgic-design-wall-design-ideas


turquoise-kids-wallpaper-girls-room-paper-wallpaper-patterned-wall design