Florakids by Laufen – the exclusive bathroom for children in bright colors

Children's bathroom mirror caterpillar decorative wall Florakids-Laufen Orange floor

Laufen’s Florakids design line is designed exclusively for children. The designer team from Laufen based in Great Britain offer an innovative solution for modern wellbeing-Bath for children, which on the one hand promotes the development and imagination of children through high-contrast color combinations, and on the other hand offers simple and safe operation.

Bathroom for children in which the little ones feel comfortable

Bathroom design ideas-for children mirror Florakids-Laufen caterpillar-wall design red

The children’s bathroom design Florakids by Laufen has been specially developed with care for toddlers. The colorful one Bath for children is suitable for use in daycare centers, kindergartens and private homes. The bathroom furniture is made suitable for children and positioned imaginatively. The washbasin is at the center of bathroom design. The ceramic washbasin has the shape of a flower and is available in red, poison green and white. In kindergartens, several washbasins can be lined up next to each other.

Children’s bathroom facility in neon colors

Shelf bright green-children's bathroom accessories-Florakids design-Laufen

The ceramic shelves look good on the washbasin. Their curved edges imitate small clouds. They are offered in the same colors. A suitable single-lever mixer ensures hygiene and saves water thanks to innovative technology. The powder-coated handle lever can be gripped securely by the children and is easy to use. However, the wall mirror is a real eye-catcher for the little ones. Two great models, inspired by their favorite animals and plants, evoke positive feelings in the children – the mirror caterpillar consists of 3 mirror elements and the mirror flower impresses with its convex-concave lines.

Bathroom for children Florakids

Wall design bathroom design yellow pink-red wall-hung toilet backrest Laufen

Wall-hung, child-friendly toilet with no corners and edges rounds off the picture. It comes in the colors white, red, green. The little ones are often afraid of falling into the toilet. That is why the toilet seats have back support and a small inner diameter. The child can also hold onto the toilet handles on the left and right.

Sink available in white, pink, red, green

Washbasin wall-hung ceramic faucet single-lever mixer children bathroom design-Laufen

Single lever mixer – easy to use thanks to the innovative Ecototal cartridge

Designer sink table neon colors mirror floor faucet

Ergonomic seat in white

Bathroom toilet seat Child-friendly and hygienic Set up bathroom ideas for children

Child-friendly shaped toilet seats

Toilet lid bathroom ideas handy bright green ideas for children's bathrooms

The accessories are inspired by popular animals and plants 

Bath Children's Bright Colors-Florakids Run-Wall Mirror Flower

Playful children’s bathroom by To run

Bathroom wall design, shelf bright colors-Florakids Laufen-Red wall-mounted washbasin

Wall-hung toilet

Wall-hung toilet, brightly colored red toilet lid

Colors stimulate children’s imagination

Design a children's bathroom Pink wall washbasin-child-friendly wall mirror Florakids-Laufen