Easily design the cozy corner in the children’s room yourself

If you still have a free space in the children’s room that you would like to transform into a great area, then it is best to create a cozy corner there. It’s not just quick and easy to make. the Cozy corner in the nursery can also be used for different purposes. Your child can relax there, but also play or read. We would like to show you how you can create a cozy corner and what simple things you can use.

cozy corner in the children's room tipi-tent-idea-blanket-pillow-owl-motif

Build a cozy corner in the nursery

cozy corner-children's room-wood-roof-carpet-sofa-vintage-light blue-green

It is best to plan the cozy corner in the children’s room together with your child. Think about how big the cozy corner should be. That depends on how many children there should be space and for what purposes it is used. All in all, there should be enough space for your child to turn around in it without any problems.

Light for the cozy corner in the children’s room

cozy corner in the children's room fairy lights-daybed-bookshelf

If the child likes to read a lot, lights must of course be provided so that the eyes are not damaged in the evening or on a gloomy day. Fairy lights that you can hang at any height look particularly pretty. You can also add a shelf to this reading and cozy corner in the children’s room so that your child has all their favorite books at hand.

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Cozy corner in the tent


A tent is a wonderful way to create a cozy corner in the nursery. The framework doesn’t have to be complicated and you can use a color that matches the rest of the child’s room. The tent can remain open or it can be locked and quickly become a booth. Such tents are also offered ready-made.

Bench on the closet

cozy corner-children's room-closet-bench-modern-design-colorful-accents

If no built-in wardrobes or specially made models are used when furnishing a room with a sloping ceiling, such niches can quickly emerge. However, these do not have to be viewed as a disadvantage. Not only decorations can be set up here, but also a cozy corner can be designed in the children’s room. Take advantage of such vacancies in the room!

Original shelf

cozy corner-children's room-reading corner-shelf-integrated-pink-bedspread-girl

If the room has no wall niches, you can easily create some yourself. A specially made wall shelf like this one looks playful and also has a sitting area that you can turn into a cozy corner in the children’s room for reading. A few pillows and comfort is guaranteed!

Provide comfort

cozy corner-nursery-house-scaffolding-wood-modern-design

In general, pillows are an important part of the cozy corner in the children’s room, so that sufficient comfort can be provided. Soft blankets and cuddly toys, preferably in large format, are also very welcome here. If there is still enough space, decorations such as garlands can be added to make the corner look more playful.

Furs in the cozy corner

cozy corner in the children's room stripes-tent-fur-floor-parquet

Especially if the children’s room has a hard floor covering such as wood, a soft pad in the cozy corner in the children’s room is very important. Artificial skins are particularly suitable. They are nice and soft and also keep you warm, which is especially important when playing on the floor.

Canopy bed

cozy-corner-in-the-children's-room-romantic-princess-white-dusky pink-gold-four-poster bed

A romantic four-poster bed is also very suitable for creating a cozy corner in the children’s room. It is simply hung from the ceiling and can then be opened or closed as desired. This idea is particularly suitable for the princess room. If you don’t want the blanket lying around, set up a basket to stow it away.

Wall niches and built-in wardrobes

cozy corner-children's room-wall niche-closet-bed-wallpaper

Above you can see a great idea how to put the bed in the nursery. However, an old closet is just as suitable for a cozy corner and can be individually decorated with wallpaper. Also, attach a lamp if you don’t already have one. To prevent your child from locking themselves in by mistake, we recommend removing the door or at least the door key.

Fun in the nursery

cozy corner-children's room-wall cladding-wooden-tent-build-rustic

The cozy corner in the children’s room stimulates the imagination. This is especially true if you design them imaginatively. Tents, tree houses, a little fairy or pirate world will make your child particularly happy. When designing the design, you can adapt it to the preferences of the children and you guarantee you the perfect retreat in bad weather.

Idea for small rooms


The idea of ​​the four-poster bed is particularly suitable for smaller rooms, as they do not take up much space. In principle, you can determine the diameter yourself with the help of the pillow. As an alternative to the four-poster bed, an ordinary and usually cheaper mosquito net is also suitable for creating a cozy corner in the children’s room.

Day bed as a cozy corner

cozy corner-children's room-daybed-idea-mosquito-net-vintage

A day bed, but also the bed itself, can be quickly transformed into a cozy corner in the children’s room by simply adding a mosquito net or a four-poster bed. The comfortable mattress, a blanket and pillows are already there. So if you don’t have space for an extra area, improvise this way.

Modern cozy corner

cozy corner-children's room-modern-gray-wall-paint-wood-desk

So that the child does not sit directly on the floor, you can also choose such a construction for the cozy corner in the children’s room. Although it is a little more elaborate, it is a great decoration that is also modern. It can be wonderfully made from old wood. Then add a few more seat cushions and the modern cuddle, reading and sitting area is ready.


cozy corner-children's room-seat cushion-pouf-inspiration-shack-brick-wall

Poufs are particularly comfortable. For this reason, you should consider it if the cozy corner in the nursery offers the necessary space. The poufs are suitable for sitting and lying down, making every corner a cozy retreat. There are a wide variety of designs and colors, so you will quickly find the right one for the children’s room.

Simple cozy corner


Poufs can also have a decorative effect through different patterns. Use our tips to create a dreamy cozy corner in the children’s room that your child will never want to leave.