Desk for the children – choose a children’s desk for the youth room

Desk children green chairs reading corner set up children's room

No youth room is without it Desk for the kids completely. What to look out for when buying a children’s desk, we will tell you in the article. We will also show you the functional and practical furniture from Dearkids. let yourself be inspired!

Desk for the kids – what to look out for

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If you’re looking for a new desk for the kids, these tips will help you out:

– First of all, pay attention to functionality and durability. A height-adjustable children’s desk practically grows with you – and is a good choice for families with several children.

– Desks bought as part of modular space-saving kids’ furniture are basically no worse than freestanding desks. Only make sure that sufficient sunlight falls on the table during assembly. Under no circumstances should it be in the dark corner!

– Dimensions – So that a child can work comfortably on the desk, it must be at least 1 meter long. Desks with drawers are extremely practical, provided that there is enough room for the children’s legs and they can sit comfortably. The wall shelves should be within easy reach.

– Invest in a comfortable chair with ergonomic construction and good lighting – these are often underestimated and, in fact, are more important than the desk itself.

– It is better to avoid decorations and wall stickers – they will only interfere with reading and learning. Instead, you can make the wall shelves colorful – orange, green and red encourage learning and are well suited for the reading corner.

Desk for the children – the practical children’s furniture from Dearkids

pink shelves girls room decorating ideas

Bunk bed in combination with a desk

Children's desk K youth room bunk bed space-saving modular children's furniture

Space-saving alternative – modular furniture for the children’s room

Children's furniture design ideas to save space

Good lighting above the desk is an absolute must

Children's furniture desk behind bed integrates ideas

Colorful design of the children’s room – desk in yellow, green and dark wood color

Children's red floor wall shelves yellow color

Desk with a stylish modern design – in combination with a cupboard

Design the children's wardrobe system in a practical, colorful way

 Space-saving furniture in the children’s room – drawers offer storage space for writing utensils

Children drawers storage space books study subjects

Children's rooms make ideas practically functional

Two children split one wood nursery furniture

blue children's desk furniture decorating ideas

Desk children furnishing ideas girls room pink color

Desk kids green blue kids furniture plywood

Desk children green loft bed desk integrated wall shelf

Desk children loft bed orange yellow modern design

Desk kids wood shelves wall drawers storage space

Desk children children's furniture wood Scandinavian style

Desk kids girls room acrylic pastel green wall

Furniture from Dearkids