Designing children’s rooms green: 38 ideas for different color combinations

A place to study, run around and relax: Hardly any other room poses a greater challenge when it comes to design than the children’s room. Not only do the functional furniture and creative decorations play a major role, the colors are also very important. They contribute to a healthy living atmosphere and have a positive effect on the room atmosphere. No wonder that the green nuances are enjoying increasing popularity. From strong to soft tones: the green color palette is very versatile and offers something for every taste, for every corner and for every living style. We explain to you how green can develop its full effect and which color combinations are possible.

Designing children’s rooms in green: the effect of color

Children's room green blue design ideas for the wall with wall tattoos

Depending on which shade you choose, you can also create a different atmosphere. Blue-green, for example, is a saturated shade with a high proportion of blue, which promotes concentration. It is therefore perfect for the study area. Frog green, a green shade with a yellow cast, encourages children’s creativity and is therefore simply perfect for the play area. Grass green is more subtle and reserved and has a relaxing effect. Exactly the right color for the sleeping area. Mint green is a true all-rounder and forms the perfect background for creative wall decorations in pastel colors.

Design children’s rooms green: color combinations with neutral colors

Design children's room green brown ideas for neutral wall design

Gone are the days when the color palette in the nursery was predestined before birth. Instead of going straight to light pink and sky blue, many parents these days opt for a neutral color palette.

Design children’s room green and beige

Children's room green beige design ideas for boys

Saturated dark green nuances are perfect for the area in the nursery where you are looking for relaxation. Together with beige, they have a particularly relaxing effect and create a connection with nature. Therefore, this color palette blends in particularly harmoniously in the children’s room in the modern country house style or in Scandinavian chic. The color duo also offers a decisive advantage: It even allows colorful accents to come into their own. Popular color partners are cheerful tones such as zinc yellow (RAL 1018) or light red orange (RAL 2008).

Children's room wall design green beige ideas modern

As far as the color of the furniture is concerned, it is better to choose either oak or larch furniture. They are considered neutral, light and effectively complete the natural look. White furniture is an alternative. In order to create a visual connection to the interior design, you can paint the cabinet door handles in green. The furniture thus effectively picks up on the accent color.

Children’s room in green and white: a modern color palette

Children's room green white design paint wooden floor

A matt white shade such as silk matt white (RAL 9020) exudes stability and can be staged in a variety of ways in the children’s room. For example with green. Because green with a high proportion of yellow develops a vitalizing effect in the room. Therefore, the shade is perfect for the study, reading or play area in the children’s room. Together with pine (RAL 6028) and fern green (RAL 6025) a harmonious atmosphere is created. The color scheme promotes creativity and arouses the imagination.

Children’s room in green and white: color harmony with country house charm

Set up children's room green and white with wooden furniture

The color duo pale green (RAL 6021) and traffic white (RAL 9016) ensures a visual calm in the children’s room. It relaxes the eyes and makes the room appear spacious and bright. The color palette is therefore perfect for dark, small or north-facing children’s rooms. Warm colors are used as accents so that the room does not appear cold and sterile. Orange and light blue nuances bring variety to the interior.

Design children’s rooms green and gray: a calming color palette

Children's room green, yellow and gray design ideas

Gray nuances such as Telegrau 1 (RAL 7045) go discreetly into the background together with matt colors such as May green (RAL 6017) and make wall decorations and textiles in yellow, orange or even red shine more intensely. The color scheme has a natural and calming effect and is therefore suitable for the sleeping area in the children’s room.

Children’s room in mint green

Children's room green blue and pink design for girls ideas for wall colors and furnishings

Mint green is currently more popular than ever. Numerous interior designers and enthusiastic parents have already discovered the nuance for themselves. The color is expressive, but still offers enough leeway to set new accents again and again with furniture and decorations. Popular color partners are lavender and light pink (RAL 3015), old pink (RAL 3014) and pastel violet (RAL 4009). The children also like combinations with green colors with a high proportion of yellow, such as green beige (RAL 1000).

Wall design for children’s rooms in green and blue

Children's room design green turquoise for boys ideas

Green and blue just go well together. The colors relax the eyes and harmonize perfectly with orange and yellow. A neutral shade such as light ivory (RAL 1015) or pearl white (RAL 1013) grounds the ensemble.

Children's room beige green stripes boys design

Children’s tastes change overnight. Because of this, most parents refuse to paint the walls in a dark shade. The two-part or the striped wall is a solution. In this way, subtle accents can be set. Home accessories such as decorative pillows and curtains can pick up on the color and thus achieve a harmonious color effect.

Children’s room in green and turquoise: How to design a colorful study area

Children's room green blue design wall shelf and desk in Scandinavian style

Because of cool! Turquoise creates a feeling of security like no other blue shade. But the color can do even more: It helps to reduce everyday stress and relaxes the eyes. Together with a bright green shade with a yellow cast like wasabi green, turquoise forms a particularly charming ensemble.

Children's room green white for girls ideas for small rooms with light yellow and sky blue and royal blue

Also attractive, but this time for the regeneration area: turquoise, mint and yellow harmonize surprisingly well. Together with a light gray shade, they create a cozy atmosphere around the bed.

Design children’s rooms in green, gold and coral

Children's room green orange fashion girl

Last year coral was crowned Color of the Year by Pantone. Blue-green and royal blue go well with the lively nuance, giving the children’s room an exciting note.

Design children’s rooms in orange

Combine children's rooms in green and orange colors

Complementary orange nuances go best with a subtle green shade such as reseda green (RAL 6011). They are especially popular for their activating and stimulating effects.

Nursery green orange wall design ideas

Playful wall design in green and old pink

Children's room dusky pink design ideas for girls' rooms

Dark green and pink in the girl’s room

Children's room wall color green pink design

Green and pink for the girl’s room: an invigorating color combination

Children's room green pink design ideas for girls' rooms with wallpaper and wall paint

Green grass and pink in the girl’s room

Children's room green pink design ideas for modern wall design

Children’s rooms in green and purple or lavender: color duo brings a vintage touch 

Children's room paint green purple ideas for wall design

Make a girl’s room green and white

Nursery green gold design ideas for princess with lighting

Design children’s rooms in mint green, with accents in gold and beige as the background color

Children's room green and beige design ideas

Design children’s rooms green and gold: girls’ rooms with a vintage touch

Set up nursery green gold girl's room in vintage style

Wall color green in the jungle look for the boy’s room

Nursery green jungle wall decor ideas for boys

Children’s room with a green ceiling in a modern country house style

Girls room with green ceiling and pink furniture and white walls

Green ceiling and wallpaper with jungle motifs in the children’s room

Children's room green and white design ideas for small rooms with wallpaper and blackboard paint

Green striped wall and butterfly wall stickers

Nursery girl green white design ideas

Children’s room in beige, green and dark blue

Children's room green blue beige create color combinations for furniture and walls

Children’s room in teal

Modern children's room with green walls and white ceiling

Youth room with gray walls and blue and green color accents

Children's room with gray wall and green bedspread and orange armchair

Make children’s rooms green: paint the ombre wall 

Children's room green white design modern ombre wall in girls room

Modern youth room with a two-part wall in anthracite and green

Paint children's room green and gray ideas for accent wall in the youth room

Design youth rooms in mint green and gray

Children's room green gray design ideas for boys with a Scandinavian interior

Paint children’s room green and white

Children's room green gray paint two divided wall

Paint gender-neutral children’s rooms green and white

Painting children's rooms green ideas for small rooms

Children’s room in green and white with accents in petrol blue

Set up children's room mint green and decorate with royal blue

Gender-neutral, bright children’s room

Paint children's rooms mint green and furnish them in gray