Designing a baby room – 70 ideas for gender-neutral mottos

Almost all parents who are expecting a baby start thinking about furnishing their children’s room fairly early on. Designing the ideal baby room is part of the experience. But if you’re not sure if it’s going to be a boy or a girl, or you’re just fed up with pink and baby blue, check out these great gender-neutral motto ideas to help you out Design baby room could help.

Designing a baby room – which motto?


Winnie the Pooh and his friends, koala and panda bears, sheep, forest and African animals, letters and numbers, cats and dogs – all of these mottos are perfect for the nursery, if you don’t know the baby’s gender yet or if you just want to want to create a gender-neutral feeling in the room. Combine light and dark colors so that these decorations really come into their own. For example, paint the wall a light gray color to accentuate green bamboo plants or yellow trees. Place special emphasis on the wall design, which should be colorful and eye-catching. Whether with wall stickers, stencils or wall painting, you can create real works of art yourself. Check out the great inspirations below and see for yourself!

Design baby rooms – the matching color palette

Baby room design gender-neutral-gray-wall-paint-wall-decoration-tree-stencil-sticker

When designing the color of the baby room, it is important that the room looks bright and friendly. The choice of color is of course up to you and is a question of taste. Basically, it is advisable that the shades chosen for the large areas are light and delicate. Such colors are perceived as particularly pleasant by babies. Bright colors, on the other hand, encourage your child’s eyesight and attention. It is important that the colors are not too bright so that the babies are not overwhelmed by the strong stimulus.

Make baby rooms gender-neutral-forest-animals-wall-design-bright-colors

If you don’t want to use gender-specific colors, you can use numerous color alternatives in the design that make your child’s future room look wonderful. The gender-neutral colors also offer sufficient creative freedom and leave many furnishing options open. For example, gray is ideal as a base for colorful accents such as orange, turquoise and mint green. It can also be combined particularly well with yellow.

Asterisks and clouds

baby room-design-gender-neutral-stars-cloud-wall-design

The pastel tones are also very suitable as wall paints because they create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Cool nuances also convey relaxation and calm and are a good choice of colors. The color green, for example, ensures freshness in the baby room and can be quite beneficial for the new citizen. When choosing the wall color for the baby room, also take into account the natural light source. For example, if the room is flooded with sunlight for several hours a day, gray, blue and green are good choices. For darker rooms, warmer colors are always recommended. In order to create the desired calm ambience, it is best not to combine more than two colors. In the best case scenario, the wall color should also be coordinated with the floor covering. The color of the floor also has a significant impact on the entire room. If the baby room is small, light floor coverings such as beech, birch or maple are very suitable. The beige stars on the wall in the picture above, for example, go perfectly with the warm plank floor. In larger children’s rooms, darker types of wood such as cherry or walnut also look very harmonious.

Design baby rooms in gray and pink – Adorable ideas for a girlish interior

Baby rooms in mint and gray – inspiring ideas for an unbeatable color duo

Baby room in gray and white – great ideas and tips for gender-neutral room design

Stone gray wall paint as a backdrop for white furniture and decoration

baby room-design-gender-neutral-gray-wall-color-white-furniture-brown-carpet

After you have painted the walls in the color you want, you can create additional decorative elements with a beautiful pattern wallpaper in a similar shade, with wallpaper borders or wall stickers. They can be easily removed and in this way you can always provide new, varied and fresh accents in the baby room. If you design the baby’s room with wallpaper murals, you can also benefit from the fact that these are very easy to apply. With pattern wallpapers and wall stickers, you can transform the baby’s room into a colorful jungle in no time at all or conjure up cute forest animals that create an individual dream world. The motifs that are used for decorating are almost infinite. Anything you like is allowed, of course. Butterflies, trees, cute owls, asterisks, solar system, balloons or even a lovely lettering or nice message cut a good figure on the wall.

Gray asterisks on a white background

Design baby rooms gender-neutral-gray-stars-white-wall

You can create beautiful, decorative accents in your child’s future room with borders. They are a great eye-catcher and can be combined with painted walls as well as with colored wallpaper. The borders with clouds, forest animals, boats, hot air balloons or other motifs divide the baby’s room in height, which the little creatures find particularly pleasant because the walls no longer appear so high to them. Some murals with cute, child-friendly motifs are also an excellent decoration idea that gives the room a special charm.

Stenciling white clouds on a gray wall

baby room-gray-white-yellow-gender-neutral-clouds-motto

Stripes and Vichy checks are very often used in wall design in the baby room because they can actually be combined with many other patterns. When you design and decorate the baby room, you are welcome to include different fabrics and textiles and provide additional warmth and comfort. The opaque curtains, pillows and blankets can be provided with playful patterns and provide great accents. When designing the baby room, the cute little music box or the baby mobile also serve as pretty decorative elements. Honeycomb balls are also a suitable decoration that ensures lightness and airiness. A beautiful carpet in the middle of the room looks very stylish and makes your child’s room look harmonious and cozy. Use the decoration sparingly so that the room does not appear unnecessarily overloaded. A subtle, loving and colorful design makes a room child-friendly and cozy.

Forest motifs in the baby room

baby room-design-gender-neutral-wall-design-trees-bird-stencil

Accents in yellow, turquoise and coral

baby room-design-gender-neutral-light-gray-wall-color-radiant-colors-turquoise-yellow-pink

baby room-design-gender-neutral-gray-white-yellow

baby room-design-gender-neutral-yellow-white-window-blinds-striped-carpet-triangle-wallpapers

baby room-design-gender-neutral-white-pastel blue-brown


baby room-design-gender-neutral-elephant-monkey-garlands

baby room-design-gender-neutral-elephant-trees-floral

baby room-design-gender-neutral-giraffe-wall-decoration-colorful-colors

baby room-design-gender-neutral-pastel-green-white-barchen-motto

baby room-design-gender-neutral-africa-animals-wallpaper-wood-look

baby room-gender-neutral-circus-motto-blanket-design

baby room-gender-neutral-wall-color-red-fuchsia-orange-accents

baby room-gender-neutral-gray-white-striped-wall

baby room-gender-neutral-modern-walnut-closet-hanging-chair-leather-stool

baby room-gender-neutral-pastel-green-wall-paint-wooden furniture

baby room-gender-neutral-red-white-horizontal-stripes-wall-decoration-beige-carpet

baby room-gender-neutral-wallpaper-green-white-animal-pattern

baby room-gender-neutral-turquoise-wall-paint-white-baby-bed-violet-carpet

baby room-gender-neutral-gray-wall-color-satin-curtains-white-baby bed

baby room-gender-neutral-gray-beige-white

baby room-gender-neutral-cream-white-vintage-flair

baby room-gender-neutral-colorful-mint-green-yellow-white-wallpaper

baby room-gray-yellow-white-striped-wall

Orange and aqua

baby room design neutral-gray-wall-color-wall-design-baume-birds

Baby room design neutral-white-furniture-brown-wall-color-deco-sheep

baby room-motto-pandas-wall-decoration-wall-sticker-changing table

Sweet wall decoration with sheep

baby room gender neutral green wall paint deco sheep

Bright colors and themed forest animals

baby room-neutral-colors-white-pastel-blue-motto-owls-forest animals

Colorful wall design and white baby bed

baby room-decoration-gender-neutral-black-wall-paint-colorful-sticker-forest-animals

Simba – the lion king

baby room-motto-gender-neutral-king-of-the-lions-simba-baby

Cute frogs

baby room-motto-neutral-frogs-blue-green

Neutral colors and cozy sheep

baby room-neutral-motto-schaeffchen-white-cream

Elephant slogan

baby room-motto-elephant-gender-neutral-idea

baby room-inspirations-forest-animals-green-decorations

baby room-design-neutral-forest-animals-wooden-furniture-green-shaggy-carpet

design baby room neutral-gray-wall-color-tree-koala-baerchen

baby room-nautral-motto-elephant-colors-white-gray

baby room-design-neutral-pastel-blue-white-clouds-wall-decoration

baby room-design-neutral-motto-pandas-black-red-white

design baby room-neutral-colors-baerchen-motto

baby room-design-neutral-decoration-owl-clouds-plus-animals

baby room-design-neutral-aqua-brown-elephant-wall-tattoo

baby room-design-aqua-blue-gray-wall-design-tree-stencil-shelves

baby room-gender-neutral-gray-green-motto-monkeys

baby room-decoration-winnie-the-pooh-i-aah-donkey

baby room-deco-neutral-black-white-stencils-panda-plus-animal

baby room-decoration-gender-neutral-cloud-crystals

baby room-wall-decoration-painting-africa-animals

baby room-neutral-green-white-panda-doormat

Baby room design ideas

Design baby room

Designing a baby room

baby room design vintage flair light blue wall idea curtain chest of drawers

baby room design beige wall color map deco stripes carpet colorful

baby room design gender neutral orange accents zigzag ceiling

baby room design pastel color green wall idea young girl

baby room design stripes wall horizontal white furniture