Design youth rooms – 54 cool ideas for the walls

For many teenagers, decorating their bedroom is a way of expressing their personality. Teenagers like to add an individual touch Design youth rooms. When it comes to decorating the walls, there are a multitude of options.

Design youth rooms – bright wall color

Design youth rooms-wall-decoration-girl-coral-wall-paint-white-furniture-gray-decorations

A fresh coat of paint on the walls is the perfect start when designing a youth room. Bedrooms in childish colors like baby pink or baby blue definitely need a fresh change. When choosing a new color, keep in mind the teenagers’ preferences. Still thinking about which colors would look best with the existing furniture.

Design youth rooms – decorate walls with photos

youth room-decoration-photo-wall-picture-collage-friends-black-white

Photos with friends, from unforgettable parties or travel destinations that the youngster dreams of. This is a great way to personalize the space and offers a lot of potential for creativity. Large framed photo collages are also a nice way to display multiple photos on the wall.

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Photo wallpaper, Artwork and posters

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-photo-wall-fashion-dresses

Photo wallpaper available at

Discuss the idea of ​​a cool motto for the decoration in the teenage room with your teenage boy. Choose something modern like music, dancing, fashion, soccer, grafitti so that he feels more like an adult. Posters depicting his or her interests remain a classic. The new hit are the photo wallpapers. Landscapes, city skylines, abstract or surrealistic drawings look very cool in the youth room.

The young people’s interest is expressed in their bedroom

youth room-design-wall-decoration-photo-wallpaper-surf-fans

If you choose a colorful photo wallpaper, it is best to choose white bedroom furniture. Otherwise the room can quickly appear overloaded.

Blackboard paint and empty picture and mirror frames

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girls-black-board-paint-white-picture-frames

Paint the wall behind the bed with black board paint and decorate it with white, empty picture frames. The black and white duo can be perfectly combined with yellow accessories and decorations.

Butterfly wall

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-purple-paper-butterflies

Do you remember Serena’s butterfly wall from the teen series Gossip Girl? You may not know it, but your daughter sure does! You only need one butterfly stencil in different sizes. Place the template on cardboard and cut out. Bend the finished butterfly on the wings and attach it to the wall with tape. In the original design, the butterflies are designed around a circle, but feel free to experiment here.

Photo wallpaper “Snow Mountains”

youth room-design-wall-decoration-photo-wall-snow mountains-landscape

Floral stickers as an accent on a white wall

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-stickers-flowers-white-walls

Eggplant wall paint and butterfly decoration

youth room-design-wall-decoration-purple-accent-wall-paper-butterflies

Turquoise wall and white bed in classic style

youth room-design-wall-decoration-turquoise-wall-color-white-bed-classic

colorful wallpaper on the wall behind the bed

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-purple-pink-wallpaper-accent wall

Frames and posters

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-fashion-inspiration-poster-pictures

youth room-design-wall-decoration-lilac-wall-color-white-bed-pendant-lamp

Design youth room wall decoration-violet-background-abstract-motif-3d-effect


youth room-design-wall-decoration-photo-wallpaper-graffitti-look-city-skyline-red-bed

youth room-design-wall-decoration-boy-gray-wall-color-orange-poster-pillow

youth room-design-wall-decoration-boy-gray-wall-paint-wall-tattoo-saying-motivation


youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-aubergine-wall-paint-mint-green-white

youth room-design-wall-decoration-cream-wall-color-coral-stripes

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-flower-wallpaper-wall-lights

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-sky-blue-wall-paint-white-butterflies

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-pink-wall-paint-furniture-light-wood

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-pink-blue-photo-wall-led-light

youth room-design-wall-decoration-girl-butterflies-wallpaper-pink-ottoman

design youth room-ideas-red-wall-floral-wall-tattoo

designing youth rooms-ideas-wall-color-fuchsia-wallpaper-font

designing youth rooms-ideas-girl-romantic-mural-wallpaper

youth room-design-ideas-wall-photo-wallpaper-girls-dancing

New York skylons in black and white

youth room-design-ideas-wall-photo-wallpaper-black-white-NYC

Wall decoration with stencil

youth room design-ideas-boy-black-green-wall-pattern-stencil

cartoon wall mural

youth room-design-ideas-wall-photo-wallpaper-cartoon-city

colorful hippi colors on the wall

design youth room ideas deco wall-photo-wallpaper-hippi-motto-colorful

Wallpaper and colors matched

youth room-boy-design-ideas-wall-decoration-abstract-wallpaper

Accent wall in gray

youth room-girl-design-ideas-gray-wall-desk

large wall mirror with decorative frame for girls

youth room-girls-design-ideas-wall-decorative-mirrors

Clad the wall with wood fiber panels

youth room-design-ideas-boy-wall-fibreboard

colorful wallpaper for the accent wall

design youth room-ideas-girl-wall-design-wallpaper-letters


youth room design-ideas-wall-colorful-wallpaper-flower-pattern

youth room-design-ideas-wall-decoration-graffiti-style

youth room-design-ideas-wall-color-orange-screen-photos


youth room-design-ideas-wall-fibreboard-clad

youth room-design-ideas-wall-pattern-wallpaper-magnetboard

youth room-design-ideas-wall-sayings-stickers-girls

youth room-design-ideas-wall-blackboard-paint-notes-school



youth room-girl-design-ideas-wall-decoration-butterflies

youth room-girl-design-ideas-purple-wall-window-blinds

youth room-wall-design-ideas-wallpaper-comic-motifs