Design children’s room walls – 28 ideas for the accent wall

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An accent wall is always a great way to add more color and interesting decorations to the room. This wall can display the children’s interests, hobbies, and ideas. Design children’s room walls can be done with paint, wallpaper, stencils and wall stickers. Check out the great ideas below and pick your favorite one.

Design children’s room walls – wallpaper, wall stickers and paintings

Children's room walls design ideas-girl-stickers-loops

Murals are very popular for the accent wall in the nursery. You can hire an artist, paint wall samples yourself or simply buy wall stickers and create your own mural. Another option is to buy a beautifully patterned wallpaper for the nursery. The mottos are only limited by your imagination. Popular motifs for children’s rooms, however, are circus, means of transport, jungle, balloons, butterflies and the underwater world.

Design children’s room walls with blackboard and magnetic colors

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Today you have the opportunity to convert an ordinary wall into a black board. The blackboard color comes in green or black and is used everywhere – on plaster, concrete and other surfaces. Magnetic paint turns the wall into a magnetic board. Children can attach pictures, notes and toys there. You can use the magnetic paint as a base for the blackboard paint. This is how you are going to create a magnetized black board.

Painting with wall stencils

children's room-walls-design-ideas-wall-patterns-schabolon-paint

Accent wall with color only

An accent wall can only be created with a color that is coordinated with the other elements in the room. Choose a darker shade of the dominant color, for example, if the room is dove blue, the accent wall can be navy blue.

Small baby room in a light, neutral color


colorful and artistic for girls


Striped accent wall

design children's room walls-ideas-colorful-stripes-orange

Wallpaper with dinosaur pattern


Wall sticker – world map in patchwork look

children's room-walls-design-ideas-world-map-patchwork

colorful dots on the wall and ceiling

children's room-walls-design-ideas-wall-painting-ceiling

children's room-walls-design-white-gray-stripes-pompoms-deco

Wantsticker with eagle owls

children's room-walls-design-ideas-wallpaper-dotted-stickers-uhu-tree

children's room-walls-design-ideas-wallpaper-colorful-forest-animals

children's room-walls-design-ideas-painting-stars

children's room walls-design-ideas-black-white-means of transport

children's room-walls-design-ideas-stencil-uhu-twig-sitting

children's room-walls-design-ideas-stencils-yellow-blue

children's room walls-design-ideas-girl-diamond pattern-pink-white



children's room-walls-design-ideas-boys-stickers-monkeys

children's room-walls-design-ideas-boys-rainbow-shelves-stripes-sun-rain-cloud

children's room walls design-ideas-disney-rapunzel-mural-landscape

children's room-walls-design-ideas-deco-magnetic-board

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