Creative furniture for children’s and teenagers’ rooms from Gautier


It is actually now an interim period around the world when the children are either planning their summer parties or thinking about their first day of school in the new school year. Summer is really the ideal season for renovations in the nursery. You have enough time to spice it up, especially before the big start of the new school year. Today we want to give you a few tips on furnishing your new children’s and teenagers’ room, which will make your work much easier. The “Back to School 2014” collection by Gautier includes amazing Furniture for children’s rooms and teenage rooms with typical French flair and exuberance! They are characterized by the combination of form and functionality, by elegance with playfulness. It’s about comfort in the nursery, there is a lot of creativity and a lot of fun in it. In the picture gallery you will definitely find something to suit your taste!

Furniture for children’s rooms for girls: magic in pink!


Pink and girls’ rooms are an inseparable combination and just never seem to go out of style. If anything, we have to choose this genius who decided in the first half of the nineteenth century to bring pink to the market as a feminine shade and we have to award him a Nobel Prize or something similar.

Classic color concept for the girl’s room

Girls' room-in-gray-pink-Demoiselle-children's-furniture-collection-Gautier

girl's room-furniture-comfortable-ergonomically-curved-design-line

Girls room-bed-royal-style-inspired-by-Louis-XV-Era-modern-French-flair

The Gautier “Back to School” collection delves into this timeless shade and gives it a classic look. Inspired by the time of Louis XV, it is a perfect choice for your precious little princess, the many elements here are both dreamy and practical.

Furniture for youth rooms: trendy urban style

children-youth-furniture-Tactil-furniture series-Gautier-space-saving-corner desk

Equipped with a multimedia unit, a stylish workspace, a trendy day bed and many other intelligent additions, the Tactil collection is suitable for both young people and children who want a youthfully designed room. Tactil furniture is completely contemporary in design and decor, so it can be an ideal choice for a small, urban apartment or house. State-of-the-art in design, these pieces of furniture are very suitable for children who are just a step short of their teenage years.

Trendy design line for teenagers

youth room-furniture-modern-colors-bed-with-drawers-white-cupboards

ergonomic-piece of furniture-multimedia-shelf-stand-Tactil-Möbelkollektion-Jugendzimmer

Children's room-desk-chair-on-castors-transparent-modular-cabinets

Furniture for children’s rooms that save space


We love the Dimix range, this furniture series combines space-conscious furnishings and smart bunk beds to create the ideal children’s room that many of us ask for. Since most homeowners do not have enough space available, Dimix offers you space-saving solutions with interesting bunk beds, climate cabinets, lockers and workstations, all of which are multifunctional. From bunk beds with a pull-out work table to stowed beds to help clear the mess, the Dimix furniture collection has it all ready for you!

Children's room-for-siblings-pattern carpet-furniture-bunk bed-modern-Gautier

Modern bunk beds are not just designed to be one bed upon another. They offer a complete package that includes a lot: storage areas, workstations and sleeping space are brought together in an aesthetic and versatile design. The beds in the Dimix collection embody this trend and emphasize it with the right aesthetics.

Furniture for children’s rooms – timeless and sophisticated

Young-and-children's-room-furniture-timeless-practical-storage-space-loft bed

Urban is one such kid’s bedroom that looks super cool and could easily make the perfect backdrop for an adult’s bedroom too. The combination of light wood accents with a black and white color scheme relaxes and fits perfectly with the “Twitter generation”!

Bring the circus home


Dubbed Piccadilly – this elegant circus bed from Gautier offers much more than excitement for the children. Decorated in red and white, the unique design and wide range of accessories promise that your little one’s room will be transformed into a theater stage where he / she can be the shining star every evening! But it also comes with plenty of storage space where you can stash all the toys away at the end of the day. Thanks to the simple color scheme, the accent additions and the colorful bed linen, the circus bed appears even more attractive!

Furniture for children’s rooms designed on a modular basis

Modern-youth-room-elegant-furniture-shelves-ideas-aesthetic-children's room

As always, we were deeply impressed by the latest collection of children’s bedroom furniture from Gautier and we expect these great pieces of furniture to be seen in children’s rooms all over the world over the next few months. Of course, you can buy individual shelves, cabinets, beds and workstations that match the design and concept in your child’s room now, you can mix the pieces of furniture and create new compositions.

Of course, we leave all of this to your own will and personal taste! We want to wish you a lot of fun furnishing or redesigning your children’s room at home!

Beautiful children’s rooms that show a lot of color and creativity


Youth room-loft bed-Dimix-Collection-Gautier-storage space-solutions-modern

Loft-bed-white-with-storage-space-desk-modern-room-ideas-children's room

hidden-drawers-storage-space-solutions-Dimix-Collection-white-children's furniture


children's room-sloping-roof-urban-style-Gautier-furniture-back-to-school-collection

Furniture-children's room-teenagers-red-painted-walls-Gautier-trendy-furnishings