Creative children’s beds from Mathy by Bols – adventures in the land of dreams

creative children's beds mathy by bols haeuser tents idea modern furniture

For some parents, it is the most difficult time in the evening because children do not want to go to bed. If you’re facing the same problem, you would definitely find this solution interesting. Creative children’s beds like this from Mathy by Bols from Belgium may prevent the bedtime drama. The evening ritual could even take place earlier than usual. If I had such a cool bed, I would never get out of bed. If your child has always dreamed of adventure, then these beds such as a tent, tree house or apartment house are just the thing for you.

Creative children’s beds for adventurers

creative children's beds bunk beds tree house design ladder wood

This tree house bed is the coolest bunk bed you have ever seen. Children love to climb and have often wished for a tree house in the garden, but that is impossible. This playhouse for sleeping is offered with one or two beds.

Treehouse beds

creative children's beds adventure castle hut design original mathy

Cot for adventurers

creative cots treehouse play sleeping facility

Colorful cot

creative-children's beds fantasy furniture colorful colors pillows

Creative children’s beds in the form of tents, caravans and tree houses

creative children's beds mathy bols bunk bed adventure house white

Bunk bed for two

tree house bunk bed children mathy by bols

Residential house bed

caravan bed creative cots mathy bols

This creative bed looks like a classic teardrop-shaped caravan. The door opens just like an RV and it even has a small window and retractable roof. There the children can play, sleep and store their toys.

creative children's beds mathy bols caravan bed storage space

creative cots design caravan mathy bols

Children’s bed with a tent roof

creative children's beds designs tent roof green mathy bols

That Children’s bed with a tent roof is perfect for the little adventurer who dreams of sleeping in the open air in the forest or going on an expedition. The lower part serves as an additional bed for guests or as storage space.

children's beds mathy bols tent roof storage space drawer

Creative children's beds treehouse bed white bunk bed children adventure white

Loft bed adventure house stairs Creative children's beds mathy by bols standing shelf tree

children's bed design tent roof adventure Mathy by Bols