Cool youth rooms for girls – ideas from the TV series “Pretty Little Liars”

Youth room for girls ideas Hanna bed

Whether you are already a fan of the television series “Pretty Little Liars” or not, one thing is certain: you will be fascinated by the world of pretty little liars. In addition to the addictive dynamic scenarios and unpredictable cliffhangers, there is something else that delights teenagers around the world: the excellent, individual style of the heroines, which is expressed through their clothes and the design of their bedrooms. The teenagers’ rooms by Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Alison are a real inspiration for other girls who want to beautify their bedroom or completely redesign it. If you are also looking for cool ideas on the subject of “teenagers’ rooms for girls”, then you have come to the right place. In today’s article we will give you a lot of tips on how you can bring the bedroom look of your favorite heroine into your own four walls.

Youth room for girls – Hanna Marin

Teenage girl ideas Hanna pink white yellow accents

Hanna Marin is one of the most interesting heroines in the TV series “Pretty Little Liars”. She loves fashion and her bedroom perfectly reflects her good taste. The young blonde’s room combines modern furniture with imaginative accents and is a real paradise for fashionistas. The highlight is the bed with lots of pillows decorated with interesting patterns. The pink and red tones harmonize wonderfully with the beautiful wallpaper with a feather motif. What is conveyed is a romantic note.

Teenage girl ideas hannah sofa lilac coffee table

Nearby is a lovely sofa with lots of pillows, the frame of which is painted in a pleasant lilac shade. The beautiful floral pattern is repeated all over the room, while yellow accents create a sunny mood. Pink and yellow are a very feminine and chic color duo. The hexagonal side table is another eye-catcher in Hanna’s youth room.

Youth room girl ideas Hanna dressing table white table lamps

Another highlight in this cool youth room for girls is the white lacquered dressing table with drawers. There are lots of organizers to store make-up and jewelry, a pretty table lamp and a pink vase full of yellow flowers.

Youth room girls ideas Hanna dressing table high gloss white drawers

In this corner reserved for beauty there is an object that immediately catches the eye. It is clear that we are talking about the impressive pink baroque mirror here. This “Barbie-Girl” element exudes undeniable femininity and rounds off the overall picture perfectly.

Teenage Girls Ideas Hanna Bed Cushions Pink Violet White Table Lamps

Youth room girl ideas Hanna bed pillow decoration

Youth room girl ideas Hanna inspiration furniture deco

How to get the look:

style – French chic, modern

Colours – White, pink, purple, red, yellow

Furniture – Hanna’s room is a little less eclectic than the other girls’ rooms. Most of the furniture is modern and white. The bed has an upholstered headboard in cream. Opt for high-gloss bedside tables, the same applies to the desk.

template & Pillow: An absolute must-have is the bedspread as a splash of color. This one from Hanna has an interesting tie-dye pattern. Then decorate the bed with lots of pillows in pink, red, gray and yellow. Combine sheer, white curtains with beige, opaque curtains. Feather wallpaper is put on the wall behind the bed.

Teenage girl ideas Hanna Faschionista decorations

Accessories: Dressmakers’ mannequins are not difficult to find. Also, look around antique or thrift stores for a large, ornate mirror that you can paint in pink. You still need a table lamp with a yellow base. Hang a meaningful Eiffel Tower poster on the wall, as well as fashion-inspired art sketches. A vase with flowers and pretty pink candles complete the overall picture.

An example of how to interpret the bedroom look

Youth room girl ideas wallpaper feather motif purple gray white

Teenage girl ideas Hanna Marin wallpaper spring

Teenage girls’ rooms: decorate like Spencer Hastings

Teenage Girls Ideas Spencer Bed Sheer Curtains White Black Beige

Elegant and timelessly modern – that’s the best way to describe Spencer Hastings ‘bedroom. Here every detail shows excellent taste. The element that stands out the most is undoubtedly the four-poster bed. Surrounded by transparent curtains, the bed inspires magical dreams.

Teenage Girl Ideas Spencer Beige White Standing Mirror

The roughly patterned floral wallpaper adorns all the walls in the room. The light beige wallpaper is beautifully decorated with white flowers that convey a feminine and romantic touch. In addition, wall coverings and bedding are done in the same shades, reflecting Spencer’s refined taste.

Teenage girl ideas Spenser four poster bed red leather chaise longue

Opposite the bed is a desk and a metal wire chair. Spencer’s books, jewelry and trophies are on a shelf in the immediate vicinity. The memo board is a great idea for anyone who wants to declare war on chaos.

The red chaise longue, which offers maximum comfort, is a real eye-catcher. Placed near the window, it invites you to read and linger.

Teenage girl ideas Spencer wardrobe niche double-leaf

Teenage Girls' Room Ideas Spencer Standing Shelf Wallpaper Flowers

Teenage Girl Ideas Spencer Furnishing Plan Floor Plan Teenage Girls' Room Ideas Spencer Inspiration Furniture Deco

How to get the look:

Style – Classic, elegant, inspired by the French country house style

Colours – White, black, beige, red

Bed – The focal point of Spencer’s room is her four-poster bed. So, if you can even get one, go for it! Check out antique stores, thrift stores, and garage sales first. You might find a simple wooden four-poster bed. Paint the canopy frame in white and hang up white curtains.

Mirrored surfaces – Mirrored furniture can be expensive. But the look can be easily imitated. For example, there are mirror spray paints that you can use to give any item a shiny chrome finish. Alternatively, you can use small, unframed mirrors to embellish a piece of furniture.

Writing desk – Rely on clear, modern lines. Spencer’s desk has a glass top. Use a metal chair with a padded seat.

Toile-de-Jouy – This pattern is an indispensable part of the French country style interior. The key is to use it sparingly, otherwise it can be overly distressing.

Chaise longue – This piece of furniture scores as a comfortable seat and brings even more French chic with it.

Aria Montgomery’s bedroom

Teenage girl ideas aria bed boho gothic chic

Aria Montgomery is a main character in “Pretty Little Liars”, who is characterized by her complex character. In love with art and literature, Aria also has a penchant for rock, sometimes mixed with Gothic and Baroque. And all connected with a femininity. With its chaotic, cool and mysterious decorations, the room reflects the personality of the young person. If you are looking for inspiration for a youth room in the attic, you can get inspiration from the Arias bedroom.

Teenage girl ideas aria boho chic bed

Ruffled curtains, a variety of pillows, vintage wallpaper and book towers – the furnishings show an interesting mix of styles. The muted color scheme is unobtrusive and lets the mix of styles and decorative elements emerge.

What makes this room so charming are the small objects. The objects that can be seen on Aria’s desk (photos, books, an Eiffel tower lamp, Russian matryoshka dolls, a painting on an easel, etc.) emphasize the complexity of the figure. Oriental pendant lights, Buddha figures, decorative butterflies and stacks of books scattered all over the place continue to shape the atmosphere.

Teenage girl ideas Aria seat at the window sill

Teenage girl ideas Aria bench by the window books

Teenage girl ideas Aria sloping roof dark wood

Youth room boho gothic desk solid wood flea market finds

Youth room wood drawer cabinet mirror cloakroom sloping ceiling

Teenage girl boho solid wood metal bed ruffle curtains

How to get the look:

Mix of styles – Boho-chic + Gothic + Ethno

Colours – muted, earth tones

Wrought iron bed – Be creative and remember: a coat of metallic spray paint works wonders. So you can give an old white metal bed a copper finish in no time. Push your bed against the wall and arrange lots of pillows on it.

Furniture – Arias Zimmer has a lot of heavy solid wood furniture that can look too bulky in a small bedroom. So simply interpret this element through dark wood furniture such as bookcases, desks, chests of drawers.

Decoration & Accessories – Shiny damask wallpapers really bring out the dark wooden furniture. Opt for silver gray or beige. Add ethno-like decorations such as stools, baskets or a rattan rug.

Emily Fields’ bedroom

Youth room girl pastel yellow green country style Emily Fields

We move on to Emily Fields’ bedroom. Cozy, calming and atmospheric – this teenage room for girls has it all. The pastel yellow wall color makes the room appear larger, while the wall paneling and carpeting in soft green tones create a particularly cozy feeling.

Teenage girl ideas Emily bench by the window country style wood paneling

What we like most is the beautiful reading corner by the window – a place where you can read and dream for hours. It’s not hard to imagine what a pleasure it would be to have such a nice and comfortable seat in the room.

Youth room girl ideas Emily wood paneling pastel green yellow

The walls and floor create a neutral background for furniture and decoration. There are many other objects in the bedroom that affect the mood. The room also benefits from a practical and beautiful study area by the window. Equipped with a range of solid wood furniture, you can escape everyday life in this room and immerse yourself in a quiet, rural atmosphere.

Teenage girl ideas Emily solid wood furniture window blinds

Teenage girl wood desk curtains

Youth room girl nature green white

How to get the look:

Style – Country chic, country house

Colours – White, yellow, green, petrol

Bed – Visit local antique and thrift stores for a metal bed with a decorative headboard and footboard. For a shabby chic look, it should then be painted in white or ivory. Choose country-style bed linen such as quilts, lace trims, floral patterns, etc..

Furniture – If you can’t find a similar desk, go for a console table with curved legs. Combine it with a white lacquered chair with an antique look.

Windowsill – Just because you don’t have a built-in windowsill doesn’t mean you can’t get the same cozy feeling. A simple hall bench with storage space works just as well. A soft seat cushion and several decorative cushions provide additional comfort.

Accessories – Focus on simple accessories that are fresh and timelessly beautiful, such as wicker storage baskets and rattan bedside tables. Choose other decorative pieces that are inspired by nature. Set accents with blue and petrol tones with an abstract XXL mural and an armchair.

Glamorous teenage room for girls – inspiration from Alison DiLaurentis

Teenage girl ideas pink gold colors

Alison DiLaurentis is one of the main characters in the TV series “Pretty Little Liars”. Ali is the former leader of the girl clique and is very pushy and dominant in character. In the first season, everyone believed Alison was dead, but her friend was still alive. In the blonde beauty’s bedroom, glamor pieces were combined with playful, childish or girlish elements.

Teenage girl ideas alison canopy princess bed

How to get the look:

Style – Art Deco, Vintage, Glamorous

Colours – Pink, cream, silver, pearl, gold

Furniture – Choose pieces of furniture with curved legs, carved ornaments and all sorts of other decorations. Tufted armchairs, chairs and stools give the upholstered furniture an unmistakable character.

Bed – A canopy is every princess’s dream come true. Here it is staged in a modern way, with the sheer, pink fabric draped behind the bed.

Accessories – The desk chair, the side table in the corner, the two acrylic table lamps enhance the room with their lightness. Do you notice how many light sources there are in the room? Diffuse light creates a soft atmosphere.

Teenage girl ideas Alison bed girly pink white

Teenage girl ideas Alison table lamp pink wall color bedside table

Teenage girl ideas alison desk wall mirror acrylic chair

Teenage girl ideas alison canopy bed light up

Teenage girl ideas alison decoration

Teenage Girl Ideas Alison Gold Pink

Teenage Girl Ideas-Alison Sitting Area Armchair Window

Teenage girl ideas Alison table and wall lights

Youth room girl ideas Alison inspiration furniture deco

It’s not just the right scenario and talented actors that make a television series good. The TV sets must also reflect the personality of the main characters. It also helps you understand their feelings better. Every element of the facility plays an important role. We hope this article has helped you to better understand the characteristics of the five characters from “Pretty Little Liars” and at the same time to get some inspiration for your own teenage girl’s bedroom!