Completely design baby rooms with high-quality baby furniture – 20 designs

Complete baby room design duende-weiss-design-pictures-accents-dresser-wardrobe

The baby room can almost be considered sacred. Your little one will sleep and grow there for the first few years. All parents want the best for their children and that includes the highest quality baby furniture on the market. If you do that Completely design the baby room need to check out our 20 designs that introduce modern furniture and classic colors.

Completely design baby rooms with the DOLCE LUCE collection

Complete baby room design dolce-luce-gray-white-changing table-unisex-design

A design that is suitable for every gender: the combination of white and gray looks elegant and romantic at the same time. Pretty engravings and knobs in star shape create a playful look that is kept discreet.

Completely design baby rooms – the PASSEPARTOUT collection

baby room-completely-design-passepartout-maritime-style-nautical-cot

This baby room facility is a true child’s dream. And you will definitely enjoy it every time you step into the room. The maritime style can be enhanced even more with suitable decorations and accessories.

Baby room furniture by ROS

baby room-complete-design-light-blue-white-ros-designteppich-corner cabinet

A subtle color choice in light blue characterizes this baby room. It is particularly suitable for boys. With the associated corner cupboard with shelves, the changing table, baby bed and chest of drawers, you can design the baby room completely and create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Turquoise accents

baby room-complete-design-turquoise-accents-white-furniture-wallpaper-gray-pink

Instead of a subtle color, the mainly white furniture and the white-gray wallpaper are combined with a strong turquoise. This collection also comes from ROS, but this time it is suitable for both boys and girls. The facility includes a small play table at which your child can have fun painting or doing handicrafts at an advanced age.

Completely design baby rooms – NARBONNE from Bopita

complete baby room design narbonne furniture series white Bopita wall decoration

The furniture series Narbonne was mainly made of MDF combined with pine wood. The design is traditional and timeless and a nice detail is the narrow lines on the closet doors and the bed. The collection is available in 3 colors, namely white, desert color and dark gray.

COMO from Europe Baby – complete baby room design

high quality baby furniture COMO Europe Baby changing table canopy bed

Those who like classic decor would fall in love with Como. the Como series White is made from high quality, white lacquered MDF. The design is rustic but still modern, which is why this furniture is perfect for a romantic nursery. Como white also looks beautiful in a modern interior. Do you need a lot of storage space? The 3-door wardrobe is perfect for you. When you need less space, the 2-door wardrobe can be a better choice. Totally simple but very functional baby furniture.

 BATEAU from Kids Mill – romantic French

Complete baby room design classic french bateau furniture series Kidsmill

The dreamlike atmosphere of a southern French country house with a totally modern interpretation. This is the “Bateau” series from Kids mill. The loving details such as the cabinet fronts and the metal handles make “Bateau” like a romantic island in a hectic lifestyle. The bright, friendly color calms the children down and makes them feel safe from the first week of their lives. With the generous size of the drawers and cupboards, “Bateau” offers plenty of storage space for large and small treasures.

bright colors of Limba

Limba baby room completely colorful purple orange oak wood

the natural, warm wood look in the baby room

Kidsmill beech wood baby room furniture completely classic

Oak baby furniture in combination with pale pink

wood furniture nursery girl gently pink Limba

modern children’s room furniture from Paidi

baby room completely white red furniture paidi

cute giraffe theme

baby room complete micuna baby furniture giraffe theme

beige and green – fresh unisex theme

baby room completely green wall color beige furniture paidi

baby room completely designed blue white orange giraffes micuna

baby room ideas design furniture Europe Baby wood blue green

classic baby room furnishings white beige dots wall decoration Childhome

classic furniture baby room white bed great micuna   Europe Baby furniture complete interior white modern

ros1sa furniture baby room completely white purple modern

ros1sa beige brown baby furniture changing table drawers

WIMEX pink princess baby furniture changing table canopy bed