Children’s room furnishing ideas – colorful children’s furniture from Lagrama

Children's room furnishing ideas loft bed desk modern

The interior of the children’s room poses a major challenge for many parents – it should be practical and functional, and at the same time look inviting and cozy. If the space is tight or if several children share a room, the task becomes even more difficult. The Spanish company Lagrama has taken up the requirements of parents – and recently launched a collection of modern and practical children’s furniture. Why is the great attraction of their Nursery decor ideas? The individual modules can be combined in many ways – this creates colorful designs that arouse the imagination of children and at the same time offer the functionality of modern furniture.

Children’s room decor ideas – stylish colorful furniture

Children's room set up wall shelf system ideas modular units

Colors play a big role in the nursery. Modular units in different colors or nuances can divide the room into several areas – for example, a study area with a desk and wall shelves, a sleeping area with a bed and wardrobe, and a small play area with colorful children’s furniture. And if two children share a room, there is the possibility of designing the room in two colors. Another alternative is for the parents to opt for furniture in neutral shades and then divide the room in two using a shelving system. Similar Nursery decor ideas can be found in the photo gallery below.

The successful color combination can also have a positive effect on the children’s ability to concentrate. Cold colors like blue relax the eyes and calm the senses, while bold colors like orange and red promote learning skills. Yellow is well suited for the play corner.

Children’s room furnishing ideas – when several children share a room

modern modular units nursery furniture furnishing ideas

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