Children’s room design ideas: 12 playful & colorful designs

Children's room design-green-beanbag-chair-decoration-play device

If you are planning the new nursery for your child, you have the opportunity to move back to your childhood again. Feel free to combine your dreams with a few modern ideas, but don’t forget to include your child in the planning. Because adults often underestimate the imagination of their children and believe that they have to decide for them. But trust us, your child knows exactly what they want.

We hope in the following gallery Children’s room design ideas Having put together some interesting examples that will appeal to both you and your child. They are sure to be the perfect inspiration and appeal to both you and your child. Let yourself be surprised!

1. Nursery decor ideas – Vibrant colors

Children's room design-modern-ideas-vibrant-colors-bunk bed

Colors have the property of stimulating your children. With their help, you can stimulate their imagination and play, which is very important at this age. In this example, the combination of a bright green for the furniture and a pleasant blue for the wall contributes to this.

Thanks to the furniture, the children’s room also offers plenty of storage space for clothes and toys. This is achieved through the many shelves and drawers that can even be found in the stairs that lead to the bed. Under the loft bed there is a day bed that is ready for a friend’s overnight stay.

2. Children’s room design ideas in green and purple

Children's room design-ideas-green-purple-wooden bed frame-open-shelf-wall

This wonderful girl’s room is just as colorful, but not too intrusive. The color combination is reminiscent of spring and ensures a good mood even on cloudy, rainy days. The large corner cupboard offers plenty of space for clothes, while the desk overlooks the entire room. You probably can’t be frightened here.

3. Girl’s room design ideas – shades of red

Nursery design ideas girls room red tones throw pillows

This girl’s room is made up of different shades of red and white, which creates a romantic atmosphere. The furniture, as well as the dreamlike, white four-poster bed, which is attached to the wall behind the bed, also contribute to this. The reddish wallpaper with a floral pattern is also very effective and also serves as a welcome color accent in the children’s room, which is otherwise furnished in white.

4. Boy’s room design – practical guest bed

Children's room design-ideas-practical-guest bed-superman-decoration

Very practical was thought here with regard to the guest bed. This is hidden in a spacious cupboard and can be hidden behind cupboard doors when it is not in use. Above that, however, is the actual bed, which is adjacent to a large wardrobe.

The area by the skylight was chosen for the desk, which has the advantage that your child gets plenty of daylight while working on their homework. Neutral colors in a light gray, yellow and white determine the furnishings, which are underlined and complemented by an effective mural.

5. Children’s room design ideas – double everything


This friendly children’s room offers space for two children and is a perfect solution for twins, for example. To save space, a loft bed was chosen, under which the second bed is located. Children’s room design ideas – to the left and right of the bed and separated by the beds are the desks, so that each of the children has their peace of mind while studying. The mural, which depicts a romantic castle and the color perfectly matches the design of the children’s room, is very effective.

6. Romantic girl’s room

romantic-nursery decor-ideas-girl's room-wall decals

Here you can see a typical girl’s room, in which your daughter will feel like a princess. The delicate curtains and the flower motifs on the wall, which also appear in the form of roses in the chandelier, as cabinet handles and on the curtains, ensure a fairytale look. The round carpet in green provides a little variety in the pink and white children’s room.

7. Children’s room design ideas – motifs


Stimulate your child’s imagination with playful motifs. Whether a design made of wood or a colorful mural does not matter. The main thing is that it looks fun. This children’s room is also reminiscent of spring, which is achieved above all by the sunny yellow that recurs everywhere in the room. A climbing frame, to which a swing has also been attached, serves to let off steam.

Modern color scheme in blue and lemon yellow

children's room-color-design-blue-yellow-wall-wallpaper-patterned

Yellow as the main tone

children's room-design-ideas-upholstered-bed-yellow-wallpaper-pattern

Inspirational furniture design

Children's room design-ideas-loft bed-parapet-wave motif-orange

Pattern mix

children's room-loft-bed-with-ladder-floral-carpet-wardrobe-mirror-door