Children’s room boy – 55 wall design ideas

Children's room boy photo wall climbing wall clouds

It is not easy to furnish a children’s room – parents want to buy practical furniture above all – but unfortunately they mostly come in neutral colors. And the creative wall decoration helps so that the room does not look too boring. We’ll show you 55 ideas for wall design with keyword – Nursery boy. The interior can be spiced up in no time.

Children’s room boy – creative wall decoration ideas

Children's room-boy-spaceship-photo wallpaper-idea-youth room

When designing the wall in the children’s room, you can let your imagination run free – photo wall, wall tattoos and wallpaper can be used. If you dare to, you can even paint funny pictures on the walls yourself – you need to have a certain amount of experience to do this – and of course the necessary skill. Simple motifs can be attached with a stencil, but complicated drawings have to be painted directly on the wall. Check out the image gallery below for tons of inspiring ideas – your boy may like one of them.

Children’s room boy – which motifs are possible

Children's room-boy-world map-wallpaper-space-saving-set up

Dinosaur, pirate or safari themes are very popular with children between 6 and 12 years of age. Then you can simply replace the treasure map with a world map – the little adventurer will definitely like the decoration. If, on the other hand, the child loves sports, you can opt for furnishings and wall designs with a sports theme – snowboarding, surfing or football are very obese. And if the child is a music fan, you can choose graffiti as a wall decoration.

Children’s room with the world map as a wall decoration

Children's room-boy-world map-wallpaper-white-classic-furniture

Decorate the walls in the children’s room with a photo wall

Children's room-boy-wall paper-ideas-red-blue

Wall design in the children’s room – spice up the interior with geometric patterns

Nursery boy wall decoration zig zag pattern

Lego wall stickers in the nursery – decoration idea

Nursery boy wall design wall sticker ideas

Children’s room boy – wall stickers for the Scandinavian interior

Nursery boy lego games wall design

Paint children’s rooms with blackboard paint in white – the decoration options afterwards are endless


Children’s room with wall stickers – design a tree

Nursery boy wall decals tree ideas

Child’s room boy decorating with the world map

Children's room-boy-world-map-modern-design

Design children’s rooms – paint the ceiling in blackboard color

Children's room-boy-modern-airplane-ceiling-modern

Boy’s room spiced up with pirate flag

Nursery Boy Pirate Flag Ideas Furnishing

Decorate the small children’s room imaginatively


Children’s room set up for boys in safari theme

Nursery boy wall design safari theme idea

Surfing as a slogan in the sunny child’s room boy

Nursery boy mural wallpaper palm trees surfboard

Kid’s room boy with wall sticker decorated with soccer player

Nursery boy wall sticker soccer player

Nursery boy wall sticker corner desk


Children's room boy mountains wall sticker ideas modern

Children's room-boy-graffiti-wall-design-modern-interesting

Nursery boy wall design graffiti ideas

Nursery Boy Cloud Roof Design Ideas Photo Wallpaper

Nursery boy modern photo wallpaper ideas


Nursery boy airplane ideas

Nursery boy pirate ship world map

Children's room-boy-pirate-wall-design-original-paint

Nursery boy pirate wall decor ideas

Nursery boy space star night sky


Nursery-boy-astronaut-earth-saturn-ideas-wall design

Nursery boy basketball wall decal idea


Nursery Boy Snowboard Photo Wall Ideas Boy

Nursery-boy-photo wall-horse-blackboard paint-dressing cabinet

Children's room-boy-surfer-photo wall-design-original

Nursery boy surf theme sea photo wall

Nursery-Boy-Underwater World-Ideas-Octopus-Whale

Children's room-boy-stripes-white-blue

Nursery boy Scandinavian furnishing world map


Nursery Boy Mickey Mouse Wall Sticker Design Ideas



Nursery boy surf wall decal idea

Nursery boy wall decor poster stripes skateboard

Nursery boy wall design world map ideas

Nursery boy wall design meadow clouds

Children's room-boy-world-map-wallpaper-behind-bed-headboard

children's room-boy-wall-design-wall-decoration-black-white-scandinavian-creative-wooden floor

children's room-boy-wall-design-wall-decoration-modern-black-white-bed-baby-bed-scandinavian

children's room-boy-wall-decoration-wall-decoration-geometric-deppel-bed-triangles-wall-painting

children's room-boy-wall-decoration-wall-decoration-blue-bed-desk-hairdressing-wallpaper-tandem-bicycle

children's room-boy-wall-decoration-wall-decoration-baby-room-baby-bed-white-blue-whale-drawing