Children’s bed in the baby room – 37 growing junior beds and play beds

Children's bed in the baby room-play area-ideas-slide-blackboard paint

Babies grow quickly – and after the first year it often makes sense to switch from a cot to a cot. We will show you 37 beautiful designs that grow small and space-saving at the same time for children’s beds in the baby room. They are great for children of kindergarten age and offer an alternative if the little ones can no longer sleep in a cot, or if the parents would not like to completely redesign the room. As soon as school starts from the age of 6, a complete youth room set with a desk, large bed and wardrobe can be purchased.

Children’s bed in the baby room – a junior bed that grows with the child offers many advantages

Children's bed-baby room-baby bed-converting-junior bed

The Canadian company Cedarworks is leading the way – they offer children’s beds made of real wood that virtually grow with the child. Each bed consists of several panels – so the cot can be expanded gradually so that the new needs of the child can be met. Small children are very active, like to play and will therefore appreciate the creativity of the designers – because the junior bed is equipped with a low slide, play box and blackboard wall. The Cedarworks team also thought about safety. The cot also takes up little space and is therefore perfect for the often small baby room. Its plain wood color blends harmoniously into the colorful interior – so the parents don’t have to redesign the walls and can combine the bed perfectly with the chest of drawers and the rest of the furniture.

Children’s bed in the baby room – junior beds that awaken the creativity of the little ones

Crib-baby room-little-princess-junior-bed-carriage

The second idea for a cot in the baby room is a bed with a creative construction – Beds4kids offers two classic versions – a carriage for the little princess and a car for the little driver. The designs perfectly complete the baby room in pink / for the girls / and the baby room in blue / red for the boys. The annoying change of wallpaper and curtains is also saved in this case.

Are you also looking for ideas on how the baby’s room can be transformed step by step into a children’s room practically and without additional effort? Then you might also like the other collections in the photo gallery. Because the junior beds that grow with the child are a functional addition to the interior!

The collection from Cedarworks – growing junior beds that replace the cot in the baby room

Children's bed-baby room-blackboard wall-slide-play bed-girl

Play bed made of several panels offers climbing opportunities for older children

Children's bed-baby room-play bed-climbing wall-reading area-play table

A loft bed is not suitable for toddlers, but Cedarworks beds can be easily converted

Children's bed-baby room-growing-wood-frame-junior bed slide

Everyone can put together the individual panels according to their own needs 

Children's bed in the baby room-play bed-climbing wall-reading area-play table

Fun in the nursery!

Children's bed-baby room-space-saving-slide-toys-store-below

Children's bed-baby room-storage space-play area-toy storage

Children's bed-baby room-play bed-wood-solid-original

Crib baby room baby crib plastic design

Building-up-the-cot-baby room-slide-ideas

Crib-baby room-slide-climbing wall-flower-play bed

The collection is at Cedarworks available

The car – junior bed from Beds4kids

Crib-baby room-car-boy-junior bed-ideas

The collection on Beds4kids

The Kidkraft collection

Crib baby room fire engine junior bed design

Children's bed-baby room-airplane-junior bed-boy's room-set up

Children's bed-baby room-pirate ship-boy's room-junior bed

Crib-baby room-princess-canopy bed-pink-color

Crib baby room princess bed design

Crib baby room dollhouse bed headboard

Children's bed-baby room-castle bed-headboard-junior bed

Children's bed-baby room-furnishing-fire-fighting vehicle-junior bed

Crib baby room airplane round carpet design

Children's bed-baby room-train-growing-junior bed

Children's bed-baby room-train-growing-bed-design

The collection of Kidkraft

The Newjoy collection – growing junior beds

Crib-baby room-car-boy-Ferrari

Crib-baby room-car-growing-design

Children's bed-baby room-girl's room-junior bed-canopy patchwork headboard

Children's bed-baby room-maritime-bed-headboard-growing with the child

Children's bed-baby room-growing-pirate ship-ideas

Crib-baby room-princess-remodel-junior-bed-wallpapers

Newjoy’s beds

And in the end – custom-made play beds


Crib-baby room-custom-made-lock-ideas

Cot-baby room-lock-storage-shelves

Crib Baby Room Castle Princess Ideas

Children's bed-baby room-princess-bed-canopy-girl

Children's bed-baby room-lighting-castle-stairs-slide-play bed