Chalkboard for children: this is how the children’s room can be transformed into a place of creativity!

The chalk board for children is a toy that found a place in every child’s room in the years before tablets. Although it has been forgotten a little lately, the classic painting board is enjoying increasing popularity again today. Even interior designers try to breathe new life into the classic and to integrate it into the furnishings of the children’s room in a creative way. Whether in the form of a standing board or designed as a large blackboard wall, a chalk board promotes the creativity of the little ones and guarantees them a lot of fun.

What variants are there for a chalk board in the children’s room?

Design a play area in the children's room with a chalk board, play kitchen

Nowadays there are many ways to add a black board to the nursery decor. The classic standing board is an inexpensive and space-saving variant. You can find such a chalk board for children in different sizes and quickly move it to another place in the house if necessary. Some standing boards are also height-adjustable and grow with the child. And when not in use, the chalkboard can be easily folded up and stowed in a corner.

Chalk board set up play space for children

Another classic variant is the combination of a chalkboard and a whiteboard. These double-sided standing boards are usually also magnetic and therefore also suitable for smaller children. Children can decide for themselves whether they want to paint with chalk, draw on the whiteboard with a pen or arrange colorful magnets as they please.

Children's room with chalk board on the wall

The popular black board with chalk, as you know it from school, can also find its place in the children’s room. It is wonderfully suitable for children of school and preschool age as it can also help them with schoolwork. Usually chalk boards are rectangular in shape and can be easily attached to the wall. A blackboard in an unusual shape is also a possible variant that can give the children’s room a further creative touch.

Design the wall as a chalk board in the nursery Tips

Instead of buying mobile standing boards, you can design an entire blackboard wall in a children’s room. For this purpose, the wall is painted with special blackboard paint, which is made on the basis of rubber lacquer and can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. With a wall like this, you no longer have to worry about the child painting the walls. You can also apply a layer of magnetic paint under the blackboard paint so that the wall becomes magnetic too.

Small chalk board in the children's room on the bed guard

With blackboard paint, almost any smooth surface in the children’s room can be turned into a chalk board for children. Whether the door to the room, a cupboard door, the bed guard or whether you are painting a children’s table, there are no limits to your creativity. Instead of blackboard paint, you can also use magnetic blackboard film.

Chalk board for children from when?

Chalk board in the children's room for children from 3 years

If you are looking for a really great gift for children, you are definitely right with the good old chalk board. But from what age are painting boards suitable as gifts? Since the chalk can be broken into small parts that can be swallowed, chalk boards are rather unsuitable for children under 3 years of age. Two-year-old children who can hold a pen well and for whom the so-called oral phase (in which they put everything in their mouth) is over are in principle also allowed to use a chalk board under the supervision of their parents.

This is how chalk can be cleaned from the black board

Paint on chalk board with colorful chalk pens

A whole blackboard wall in the nursery looks cool, but it makes a lot of dirt in the nursery. The chalk dust can leave marks on hands, clothing and the floor, which is simply unbearable for many parents. Since chalk is water-soluble, it can be easily wiped off with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Chalk stains on clothing can be easily removed in the washing machine and chalk can be quickly removed from the skin with warm water and soap. To avoid dust and dirt, you need to wipe the chalk board in the children’s room regularly and always ventilate the room well.

Set up a chalk board in the children's room

Those who want to reduce chalk pollution can use chalk pens instead. Chalk markers are filled with a colored liquid that, unlike ordinary chalk, does not cause chalk dust. However, they are only suitable for smooth surfaces. Again, all you need to clean the chalkboard from chalk pens is a damp cloth. The chalk marker can be easily removed from the skin with oil.

Creative ideas for the children’s room design with a chalk board

Idea for a white children's room with a blackboard wall and a ladder

If you want to set up the children’s room as a place of creativity, a chalk board is exactly the right choice. The colorful chalk pens offer lots of fun and stimulate the imagination for children of kindergarten age. In the following we have collected many great ideas for a drawing board in the nursery that you can use as inspiration for your next renovation project.

Chalk art for the nursery

Paint the blackboard wall in the children's room in bright colors

If the child is still too young to decorate the blackboard wall themselves, you can write on the chalkboard and create an original chalk art. A quote from your favorite children’s book, a motivational phrase or simply a wish – the possibilities are virtually endless. To make the wall decoration look more atmospheric, combine beautiful writing with colorful pictures and funny motifs. A bright sun, blue clouds and colorful flowers are just wonderful.

Make chalk board for children yourself

Boho chic children's room with a small chalk board

If the chalk board from floor to ceiling is just too much for you, you can, for example, make a classic painting board to hang up yourself. All you need is a smooth wooden panel, which you paint with blackboard paint or cover with blackboard foil. A simple frame for the chalk board can also be built from four wooden strips.

Ikea hack for the chalk board for kids

Coloring chalk board for children from Ikea pink

The furniture and accessories from Ikea offer many great ideas for the design of the children’s room. The Ikea MÅLA easel is an inexpensive alternative to the chalk board in the nursery. It combines a chalkboard and whiteboard in one and also has a drawing roll if the child feels like simply drawing on paper. On the other hand, the accessories can be kept within easy reach on the small shelf.

Paint chalk board for kids from Ikea spice it up

The disadvantage of this children’s chalk board is its appearance. Fortunately, the simple easel can be transformed into a great addition to the nursery with the help of a simple Ikea hack. Just paint the frame any color your child would like and the chalk board will get a whole new look.

Convert Ikea children’s table into chalk board

Make chalk board for children on Ikea table yourself

The Ikea LÄTT children’s table may seem unattractive at first glance, but with a little makeover it can be transformed into a creative piece of furniture for the children’s room. The keyword is, of course, blackboard paint. Simply apply a layer of blackboard paint on the hardboard and the result is a cool table on which your little one can paint carefree with chalk.

Chalk board table for children's rooms do it yourself Ikea Hack

The pine table and chair legs can also be spiced up with paint to breathe new life into them. Whether in one, two or three colors – there are no limits to your imagination. Because in the children’s room, the more colorful, the better.

Homemade chalk board table for children

You can find more ideas for the chalk board for children at home in our picture gallery!

Create a combination of play area and study area with a chalk board

Design room dividers in the children's room with a chalk board

Chalk boards for children can be designed in any shape

Original idea for chalk board in the nursery house

House-shaped chalkboard fits perfectly into modern children’s rooms

House shape chalk board in children's room with teepee tent

Small slates in the nursery still function as notebooks

Set up a blue children's room in a Scandinavian style with chalk boards

A small chalk board for children can also be hung in the living room

Small children's chalk board on the wall

Chalk boards are a popular addition to living space

Chalkboard ideas for kids at home

Turn the children’s room door into a cool chalk board

Chalk board on the door in the nursery

Thanks to blackboard paint, the child can paint the cabinet doors

Modern children's room in gray and blue with a chalkboard cabinet

The dividing wall in the children’s room can be transformed into a large chalk board for children

Design the partition wall in the children's room with blackboard paint

Children decorate their room with colored chalk as they please

large chalk board on the wall in the nursery

In the children’s room with a sloping roof, the blackboard wall offers a great option for wall design

Wall design in the children's room with blackboard paint

The large blackboard wall means plenty of room for the imagination to unfold

Blackboard wall in the children's room with bunk beds

Chalk board for children – a must in the play area

Modern children's room for siblings with a play area

Design the play area for the child with a blackboard wall

Paint the wall in the children's room with blackboard paint as an accent

The blackboard wall can be decorated with funny pictures

Design children's room for boy with chalkboard wall

A blackboard wall is also popular in the baby room

Chalk board in children's room on the wall

The blackboard wall in the children’s room looks different every day

Children's room with sloping ceiling decorate blackboard wall

Create order in the nursery with chalkboards

Children's room in black, white and pink with a blackboard wall