Carpet for children – 14 colorful ideas for children’s room design

colorful play carpet children's room

We offer you colorful ideas for children’s room design Carpet for children. The carpet is an inseparable part of the design of the nursery. You can choose from numerous designs. Coordinate the color with the interior or set accents with colorful mats in contrasting colors. If the children’s room is brightly painted and furnished, you can choose carpet in one color. If the room is in neutral colors, feel free to add colorful play rugs to the design.

Laminate or carpet for children?

Hello Kitty Carpet Children

The laminate is easier to clean, but the carpet has the advantage that it keeps you warm in winter. You can also put a small colorful mat in front of the bed so that the child does not catch a cold when he gets up. Not only that, carpet muffles noise, and toddlers especially jump and run a lot. An interesting one Carpet for children can become the popular place to play. In any case, you have to vacuum the carpet very often – a lot of stick collects there, which can cause allergies.

Carpet for children – determine the model and size

Play rug nursery design

Wall-to-wall carpets are an alternative to carpets for children and are particularly helpful when the floor is cold. If you don’t have a big one Carpet for children want to lay in the whole room, you can opt for a runner. The model and size depend on the available space, in any case there are some rules here too – the carpet should not be placed under the table, but is usually placed in the middle of the room as an accent. Opt for colorful motifs that will arouse the children’s imagination. Teenagers and young people have their own preferences, so in this case the design should be agreed in advance.

Play carpet for little girls

Girls furnishing nursery

Youth room – carpet design

Teenager setting up room

Purple carpets

purple star rug-boys room design idea

Carpet with fairy tale motifs

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Small mat in front of the bed

Girls nursery design

Combine several carpets

small oval children's carpet

Baby room with pink carpet

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Children’s carpet for boys

beautiful carpet design ideas

Carpet in parts

Set up a fun children's room


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Play carpet with a game of heaven and hell

Heaven hell play carpet

Play carpet for the children’s room

Set up play carpet in children's room