Build the second level in the children’s room and create space

Second level in the children's room storage space-drawer-stairs

When two people, whether children or adults, share a small bedroom, the small amount of space can be a big problem. Not having enough storage space for both of them can lead to heated discussions and a lot of hard feelings. Especially with siblings. In order to create more space in a children’s room, it is important to think outside the box and find new solutions for interior design. Why not one second level in the nursery to build? Of course, it also depends on the height of the room, but if the ceiling is approx. 4 meters high, there are endless possibilities. Take a look at our ideas and photos and choose your favorite design!

Second level in the children’s room – make ideal use of high ceilings

second-level-children's room-loft bed-ladder-seating area

If you have an open pointed, monopitch or gable roof, you are always undecided about the furnishings. How can you make ideal use of a room with high walls and also furnish it comfortably? One second level in the nursery would be a great idea that your kids would love. Opt for loft beds and use the space below for a study or playground.

Second level in the children’s room – dividing the room

second-level-children's room-wood-modern

A walk-in closet there would be an absolute dream for a girl. Alternatively, you can set up the two single beds below and create a cozy corner above for reading or playing. Be creative with the design of the wooden ladder that goes up. It could serve as a splash of color in the room or it could have an interesting shape like a nicely branched tree. Or maybe you can have a small slide installed from the second level down? Be inspired by the pictures below!

second-level-children's room-loft-bed-ladder-sofa-drawers

second-level-children's room-loft bed-wood-step-storage space

second-level-children's room-loft bed-bedroom-downstairs

create enough storage space

second-level-children's room-light-blue-wall-paint-decoration-zigzag

red wooden ladder as a highlight in the gray and white bedroom

second-level-children's room-gray-white-red-wooden ladder

interesting design for the ladder

Loft beds-children's room-navy blue-wall-paint-wooden ladder-tree

small children’s room with window front

second level in the children's room-wall design-paintings-orange-window front

 Playground downstairs, sleeping area upstairs


 Study area below, cozy corner above

second-level-children's room-learning-place-below-wall-decoration-floral

 modern design for teenagers


second-level-children's room-ideas-built-in closets-stairs-shutters

second-level-children's-room-wooden-ladder-single beds

second-level-children's room-high-ceiling-green-wall-paint-ligne-roset-sofa


second-level-children's-room-built-in-loft-beds-green-back wall


second level in the children's room-build-design-wallpaper-birch trees

Loft bed-children's room-wall-design-stripes-yellow-ceiling

Loft bed-children's room-girl-built-in-wardrobe-storage space

Loft-bed-children's room-ideas-wall-color-blue-green


Loft beds-children's room-sun-yellow-wall-paint-window front-saddle roof


Loft beds-children's room-built-in closets-drawers-bottom-wall-color-gray

second level in the children's room-building-learning-place-downstairs

second level in the children's room girl-princess-pink-green