Book storage in the nursery – this is how you create a clear reading corner

Sufficient storage space, which is also clearly laid out, is very important, especially in the children’s room. Because this room is almost overcrowded with a wide variety of objects, all of which need their space to avoid chaos and to create enough space for playing and learning. In addition to the toys, there are above all the books, of which there are usually more than enough. But how should you best stow it away so that you not only have it ready to hand, but also do not disturb the cozy atmosphere? How about one of our following ideas for storing books in the nursery?

Books storage in the children’s room with wooden boxes

Books storage in the children's room with rustic wooden boxes as a shelf

Wooden boxes as an alternative to the usual shelf are currently extremely popular. This is due, among other things, to its rustic charm and the fact that such a shelf can be built quickly and easily yourself. Usually the boxes are simply stacked on top of each other. In the children’s room, however, a more stable construction is recommended. For this purpose, the boxes should best be screwed together. Especially with smaller children, it is also advisable to fix the books storage in the children’s room on the wall so that they cannot fall over and onto the children.

Books storage in the children's room for a relaxation corner with wooden wine boxes

The books can then be stowed upright in the boxes or stacked on top of one another. The different sections also allow sorting by topic, such as one box for storybooks, another for school books, another for poems and so on. And there is sure to be room for a few toys.

Bookshelves as storage ideas

Bookshelves as books storage in the nursery are clear

The practical bookshelves are not necessarily a novelty and are often used for creative photo walls. But they are also extremely useful when it comes to storing books in the nursery. Various furniture manufacturers offer them, including Ikea. The bars usually have an L or U shape in which the books are placed and which prevent them from sliding out. This makes it possible to set up the books with their title page facing forward so that they are always immediately recognizable and easy to find.

If you want to build a book rail yourself, you can also use simple and straight rails, which you then provide with another rail at the front to support the books.

Sustainable book storage in the children’s room from pallets

Books storage in the children's room with recycled pallets in dark blue

If you are interested in DIY furniture ideas, you will not have missed the homemade pallet furniture. But not only beds, tables and swings made from pallets are possible. The boards can also be used to store books for children. Painted in any color, they match the rest of the interior and offer enough space for a lot of books, which can even be a bit thicker than bookshelves.

Books are stowed in letter-shaped shelves in children’s rooms

Create order in the children's room with wall shelves for books in the form of letters

A book storage in the children’s room in the form of a letter looks very creative and playful. Usually the first letter of the child’s name is chosen for this purpose in order to personalize the piece of furniture. Even if you want to build the bookshelf for children yourself as a DIY project, you can do so with a little skill. First, build the outer walls to shape the letter, then add boards inside to hold the books. Paint the wood in any color.

If you calculate the necessary dimensions yourself beforehand, you can also have the boards cut to size at the hardware store and then only have to assemble them at home. Not only do books look pretty in it, but also cuddly toys and decorations.

Playful shelf

Build a shelf in the shape of a house for a playful storage idea for children

You actually prefer the shelf, but do you find this standard rectangular shape too boring for the children’s room? Then just build your own shelf and design a shape according to your taste. Instead of the straight top board, you can, for example, attach two sloping boards to create a roof shape. Then the shelf looks like a house. The bookshelf for storing books in the nursery already looks much more interesting.

Old drawers

Books storage in children's room with old drawers

You can get a kind of bookshelf by shortening simple drawers and attaching them to the wall together with the door handle. For this purpose, you can use simple angle connectors, for example. It’s a great way to build something new out of the old. So if, for example, you replace the baby room furnishings with a new one for older children, you can recycle the dresser for books storage in the nursery.

Montessori bookcase

Transparent book rails at a manageable height according to Montessori

If you want to design the children’s room according to Montessori, you should make sure that you only use natural materials and, more importantly, that the books are accessible to the little ones. This means that you can use wooden boxes, normal shelves, bookshelves or other things for storing books in the children’s room, as long as everything is at a low height so that the children can help themselves and look at or read books at any time they feel like it.

Nursery storage space ideas

Book storage in the nursery - modern and practical ideas

Storage ideas – pile old drawers on top of each other

Assemble irregular shelves from drawers for a cozy and chic reading corner

Colorful wooden boxes and shelf in house shape

Storage space in the children's room for books with wooden boxes or a shelf in the shape of a house

Storage basket in the form of a shelf

Storage basket in the form of a shelf with a rustic flair

Create order in the children’s room with space-saving bookshelves

Space-saving storage idea with wooden strips - DIY book strips

Use walls for storage space in the children’s room

With bookshelves you always have your favorite book in view and ready to hand

Book wall for a cozy reading corner

Girls' room with a blackboard wall and a reading corner with lots of books on the wall

Book box for children made of fabric for the wall

Make your own baskets out of fabric and attach them to the wall instead of a shelf

Stacking simple boxes for a shelf

Assemble wooden boxes for a quick and easy bookcase

Build bookshelves yourself and paint them in bright colors

Bookshelves in pastel colors for a girl's room

Small bookshelf shelves for narrow walls

Build bookshelves of any size yourself for different walls in the room