Baby rooms in mint and gray – inspiring ideas for an unbeatable color duo

baby room in mint and gray scandinavian tipi two-tone wall throw pillows bedding

Are you expecting a baby and would like to create a cozy and cozy atmosphere for the new citizen? You already have a clear idea of ​​what the room should look like. Now you are concerned with the question of what color should the room for your sweetheart be furnished in? We have put together many great ideas for a trendy color combination that will transform the room for your baby into a dreamlike, beautiful kingdom. Get inspiration on how to design the baby room in mint and gray!

The trendy and gender-neutral color duo of mint and gray

modern baby room in mint and gray attractive wall decoration carpet dotted changing table

Gray and mint are delicate and fresh colors that, when paired, result in a soft and contemporary color duo. These colors are equally suitable for girls and boys and can be used in babies ‘rooms as well as in children’s and teenagers’ rooms. Anyone striving for gender-neutral children’s room furnishings is definitely right with this color combination.

modern baby room in mint and gray flooring wall decoration baby bed

The colors gray and mint green fit perfectly into every room theme and every living style. You are welcome to combine the different mint tones with each other, as well as to enrich these color partners with another color and thus achieve cheerful color compositions. For example, you can make a baby room in mint and green look fresh, delicate and girly by pairing the two modern colors with a soft pink.

baby room boy with gray bed linen curtains deco dark blue accents

You can conjure up a children’s room with a nautical touch, for example, by adding shades of blue. If, on the other hand, you want to design a brightly colored and cheerful room for your baby, color accents in bold colors are particularly suitable. The fact that mint and green are particularly changeable cannot be overlooked in the following picture examples.

bed linen wall color gray seating furniture baby room in mint and gray

The baby’s room looks modern, harmonious and particularly charming in mint and gray when the trendy color duo is expanded to include a pastel shade. The gray and mint green colors shine timeless, chic and elegant when the classic and pure white is included as a color partner in the color composition. But before we take a closer look at specific examples of the design of a mint green and gray baby room, let’s take a look at how gray and mint can be integrated into the room.

Baby rooms in mint and gray – design ideas and suggestions

baby room mint gray bed linen bow curtains opaque

At first, babies spend most of the day in their cot. In order to transform the cot into a place of well-being for your protégé, you have to strive for a certain security and comfort through the design. You can make the sleeping place for your offspring, be it a cradle, cot or bassinet, a cozy place with the help of soft textiles. A baby nest in the subtle colors gray and mint, for example, that offers your baby protection and security, looks particularly classy.

baby room boy mint gray blue white carpet wall paint

You can also choose bed linen with great patterns, a sleeping bag or a cuddly soft blanket in the fresh and gender-neutral colors of mint green and gray. The bed itself can also be chosen in one of the two colors. Set contrasts or pair different nuances of a color. This gives the baby room in mint and gray a certain dynamic, but still looks harmonious.

Bed linen in gray and mint

mustard mint blue gray textile pattern bedside bed baby room

If you want to give the baby room in mint and gray even more character and charm, you can dare different pattern combinations and create a unique look. In the upper children’s room, small and large dots in dark blue, white and mustard are skillfully paired with horizontal and vertical zigzag patterns, which makes the baby room in gray and mint appear particularly fresh.

Textiles as a color accent

baby room in mint and gray flooring, bed linen, curtains, color combination

Other textiles, such as the curtains in the children’s room, ensure comfort and sound insulation. You can also choose these in the harmonious colors gray and mint green to match the interior. Especially if you prefer to keep the walls in white, the two colors set a great color accent.

baby room design subtle colors mint gray baby bed blanket textiles

A warm and fluffy floor covering also contributes to a cozy atmosphere in the baby’s room. At the latest when your sweetheart can crawl, he will stay on the ground for a long time. A soft carpet in mint or gray creates a place to relax and invites the little ones to play and cuddle. Your daughter or son will be able to let off steam there at a later date.

baby room mint gray accessories bed linen carpet changing table carpet

If you choose the carpet as the element in the facility that brings color into the children’s room, you should ideally choose the carpet in mint. In combination with other design elements in the room that take up the same color, you can conjure up a wonderful and harmonious children’s kingdom.

colorful baby room purple mint gray white playmat decoration

The noble color gray exudes your charm in a particularly discreet way and at the same time allows other colors to prevail. A beautiful, mint-colored pouf, small decorative pillows or a practical storage basket in fresh mint look particularly good on the gray floor covering.

children's room neutral boy girl carpet bed pattern mint white Gray

playmats mint green gray white design baby room

baby room in mint and gray cot pillow owl

baby room gray mint yellow carpet pictures plush toys curtains

bright baby room in mint and gray baby bed mobile changing table wall decoration decoration blanket

neutral baby room in mint and gray boy girl bed wall decoration carpet floor

Wall design with the colors mint and gray in the baby room for girls and boys

children's room twins wall color mint pink gray white mobile

If you want to make the children’s room shine, mint is undoubtedly an excellent choice as a wall color. The light color composition, which mainly consists of green and white with a hint of blue, makes every room appear unique. Incidentally, the trend color mint has several shades of color that, depending on the proportion of blue, are sometimes refreshing and sometimes calming. In the picture above, the interplay of the mint-colored walls with the light gray of some textiles, the white wooden floor and the light wooden bed frame creates a relaxing ambience with a Scandinavian touch.

baby room mint gray children's room tipi two-tone wall pictures storage baskets

In this cheerful children’s room for siblings, the combination of gray and white with different tones of mint green was chosen. The horizontally two-tone painted walls add value to the room and make it more interesting. If you decide on walls in two colors, it is advisable to design the lower part in a darker color and to choose a lighter color for the upper part of the wall.

baby room gray mint peach accents in gold girl

Take a look at the ideas for wall design in mint and gray in our picture gallery and implement the one that suits your taste. Whether you choose a zigzag pattern, apply effective wall tattoos in these colors or hang up great wall posters or paintings that will later stimulate your child’s imagination is entirely up to you.

baby room boy girl mint and gray wall decoration clouds peaks

wall design zigzag mint green white carpet gray pattern teepee

baby room in mint and gray decoration pompon chain decoration bed linen wall stickers

neutral baby room mint gray green orange colorful baby bed pennants lanterns

baby room in mint and gray wall decoration picture clouds stars wall gray

baby room in mint and gray bed white tipi gray wall

baby room in mint and gray colorful decoration wall pennant carpet patterned

baby room in mint and gray light blue bed furniture child chair cushion carpet

baby room in mint and gray furniture changing mat color nuance wall

baby room mint gray bright colorful playmat toys pastel colors

nursery baby boy yellow mint gray blue white

baby room in mint and gray design wall deco duvet covers color combination

baby room mint green gray carpet baby bed changing table wall decals triangles pictures

baby room girl pink gray bed carpet armchair deco wall decoration

neutral baby room gray bed linen checkered blue white pouf mint mustard carpet

Baby room decoration in mint and gray

baby room decoration mint carpet wall gray toys

Mint and gray tones can not only be used as wall paint or other large areas. Decorations, storage baskets, pictures, toys, lamps and various other accessories in gray and mint can also influence the atmosphere in the baby room and bring a touch of color and freshness to the interior.

baby room in mint and gray decorative pillows asseccoires toys

baby room mint gray pennants deco plush toys

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