Baby carriers at a glance – Carrying methods and tips


As for being carried, newborns are not “made” for a stroller. The baby can be easily transported in the sling or in the baby carrier, where it can cuddle close to mom and dad and look very satisfied. Apart from that, there are many other advantages to carrying a baby. This article will tell you which Baby carriers are available and what else is important when buying.

Benefits of baby carriers

manduca-baby-carrier-red-father-belly Baby carriers

Body heat, the maternal heartbeat, gentle rocking movements have a calming effect and babies feel safe and protected like in a cocoon and are therefore often more satisfied when they are very close to mum’s heart.

With the baby carrier or sling, mothers have their hands free to do work and are more mobile without a bulky stroller. At the same time, your sweetheart is always with you and takes an active part in social life.

Carrying it supports the development of the still immature baby’s hips, which should be stressed as little as possible after the birth.

Types of baby carriers


There are different ways of carrying you can choose between: Sling, Mei Tai, Ring-Sling and ready-to-wear.

Tying a baby sling is not that easy, but like much in life it is purely a matter of practice. You can learn more about the individual binding techniques in courses, from special consultants or from videos on YouTube. First, practice with a teddy bear or a doll. Slings are 5 meters or more in length and can be elastic or woven depending on the child’s weight. A sling made of elastic material is suitable for babies weighing 8 kilograms, while a tightly woven sling can hold babies up to a maximum of 18 kilograms.

Mei Tai sling tying instructions

Baby carriers mei-tai-sling-bandage-instructions

Different lying and sitting positions are possible in the sling: cradle, kangaroo position for newborns, sitting position with the face to the carrier, hip position, carrying position on the back from the 3rd month and sitting position with the face in the carrying direction from the 6th month.

Baby carried on your back


Mei Tai is a combination between a sling and a comfort carrier and comes from Asia. It consists of a rectangular piece of sling with four wide straps at the corners. Mei Tais are easier to tie than a sling and can be used for a long time because they are easily adjustable and grow with the baby. They are only suitable for babies from three or four months old and can be carried in front of the stomach and on the back.

Ring-Sling Baby Sling


The ring sling is also made from sling fabric, but rings are sewn in, which saves the tedious task of tying it. The cloth is simply threaded and the child is placed in the stretcher. Although this quick baby carrier does not adapt to the baby and the person carrying it as flexibly as a classic baby sling, it is much easier to use and is therefore very popular. In the long run, it puts one-sided strain on the back and is only ever used for a short time.

Baby Bjorn comfort carrier

Baby-Björn-baby-carrier-black-stomach position

Pre-fabricated carriers are not as versatile as a sling, but consist of buckles, padded shoulder straps and additional straps that should make carrying comfortable and easy on the back. When buying a baby carrier, you should also refer to the age recommendation, because some baby carriers are only suitable from the third or fourth month.

Ergo baby carrier


Ring slings also suitable for newborns

baby-sling-ring-sling-newborn-suitable Baby carriers

different colors and patterns


plaid baby sling


made of elastic or tightly woven fabric

woven ring sling sling hip position