Baby bed bumper with great motifs and made of the best fabrics

a modern style baby crib bumper

We’ll look at gorgeous crib bumper ideas in today’s article. When buying a baby bed or four-poster bed for your darling, you will encounter a great variety. There are many beautiful fabrics and motifs and you should choose the design of the baby nest. There are also other reasons why it is worthwhile to equip the cot with a nest. In the first it protects the head from drafts and bumps against the hard bars. In addition, it can be attached to the cot with the integrated straps so that nothing slips. The ideas follow below.

Baby bed bumper for maximum comfort and safety

Baby bed with Neschen owl motifs

Since parents want the best for their baby, some people may think that a crib nest does not offer optimal security, as the baby can slowly turn around from the third month onwards and come very close to the nest while sleeping. Proponents, however, are in favor of a baby nest because, as already mentioned, thanks to the incorporated straps, it can be tightened to the cot and thus offers optimal sleeping comfort and unwanted contact with the bars can be avoided. There is also a variant of not edging the entire bed, but only the headboard or towards the middle. The decision is yours. And there are also various denser, voluminous and very narrow variants that should serve every taste.

Netschen baby bed in great colors and made of wonderful fabrics

Turtle crib bumper

Most baby crib nests are lovingly sewn from cotton and linen, the bias tapes are made from mixed yarn and the filling is volume fleece. No matter what it is called: nest, snake, bedwurn, storage pillow, nest-snake, bumper, bed snake, snake, bed sausage, or slumber pillow, your baby will sleep soundly in the bassinet, cot or cradle and will have a loyal companion for years – until well into great bed.

Pretty baby cot nest – snake for small and big dreamers to cuddle


Colorful zigzag pattern in the nursery


Liven up the mood in the nursery with great motifs





with retro pattern bumper




with cat motif nest

With high-rise baby cot


with flower motifs nest


Linen natural organic fabric







Baby bed bumper in sweet pink

Baby bed-on-roll feet-with-nest

Baby cot on castor feet