Adventure bed in the children’s room – expedition into a magical fantasy world

Adventure bed-nursery-half-loft-boy-pirate's nest

Children’s rooms can be magical places. Especially when the children’s room is not very large, from this point of view of play, one usually perceives a cot as a wasted space. But children love to transform the everyday into something special. So does your cot. It’s very easy when the simple ones Sleeping places in ingenious adventure beds let transform. Take the children on an expedition to the magical children’s room, where pirates and fairies live together. Pictured above – Pirat II model, a kind of pirate’s nest, relocates the wild life more to the countryside.

Adventure bed in the children’s room – the advantages at a glance

Adventure bed in the nursery Ideen-Design-Sophie

With an adventure bed in the nursery you can:

– Scope for adventure

– an eye-catcher in the nursery

– a cozy retreat to cuddle and sleep in,

– Integrated storage space for toys

Children’s rooms with adventure beds are magical. They stimulate the children’s imagination and offer topics and space for interactive and concrete play. The model Sophie, pictured above, gives a touch of a doll’s house.

Adventure bed in the children’s room – different designs for every taste

Adventure bed-children's room-boys-loft bed-storage space-pirate castle

Adventure beds also give the children’s rooms a visual and thematic center. Children especially like that. Game fans will surely appreciate this too. Adventure beds can also help keep things tidy. A number of toys can be stowed in the free space under the integrated cot, which can be made hidden from view with decorative fabric. Pictured above – model pirate castle.

Who wants to sleep in a normal cot now? If the bed is to become a dwelling, there are different options:

Would you rather be the good old Wild West? The Castello adventure bed brings life in the fort or in a western town right into the children’s room.

Adventure bed in the children's room Climbing possibilities-Cowboys-Castello

Adventure bed in the children’s room – the JESSICA model takes you under the hot Mexican sun.


Adventure bed in the children’s room – model Jan lets the little ones become chief and squaw.

Adventure bed-nursery-green-wall-Indians-Jan

As mentioned, most adventure beds are wonderful places for both boys and girls. Some adventure beds are more appealing to little princesses in terms of color and design:

The predominantly pink model Michelle brings the dreamy world of fairy tales to the fore.

Adventure bed-nursery-girl-butterflies-Michelle

With the Luisa model, a little damsel or sorceress will feel particularly comfortable.


If you are into Tom Saywer and Huckleberry Finn, the beach house will delight you.

Adventure bed nursery toddler boy design beach house

Models such as the tree house are also extremely popular

Adventure-bed-nursery-boys-furnishing-tree house

The MAX model can be built into a game as a tree house, wooden hut, shop or animal stable.

Adventure bed-nursery-design-max

In this Pinterest collection you can discover even more cots including furnishing examples.