50 ideas for geometric decoration in the nursery – how you can set beautiful accents

Hexagon wall design in green and yellow as a decoration in a children's room

Geometric decoration is the general trend for furnishings. And the children’s rooms are no exception. The original patterns and motifs create a very special atmosphere which, depending on the choice of color, can be calming or playful. In addition to circles, triangles, rectangles, squares or hexagons, abstract motifs and patterns are also used to set great accents and give a modern interior the finishing touch. Whether in subtle and delicate pastel tones or brightly colored and strong colors – the geometric decoration can be designed in a wide variety of ways. How and where you can use such patterns and motifs in the children’s room, which decorative elements you can use for them, as well as some great furnishing and decoration ideas can be found in today’s article. Let yourself be inspired and implement your favorites in your children’s room!

Geometric decoration in the form of wall paints and wallpapers

Wallpaper as a geometric decoration in a boy's room

Geometric shapes and motifs are particularly popular on the wall. You can use interesting wallpaper and create a beautiful accent wall for this, or you can lend a hand yourself and make the patterns yourself with wall colors. For this purpose, the individual areas are simply masked off with adhesive paper strips and then painted in the selected colors. As already mentioned, any color tones and nuances can be used. Subtle pastel colors are very typical for Montessori children’s rooms, where mountain landscapes are often represented with the help of triangles of different sizes.

Geometric decoration in the form of a motley wall design made of triangles

But of course a very irregular and individual design can also be applied. How about if you just look at a few ideas with your child and let them decide for themselves what they like. When they’re a little older, you can even let your child help paint and paint. Then afterwards they can be proud of the new wall design and look forward to it even more.

The geometric decoration made of wall colors in blue and gray is reminiscent of broken glass

Most of the time, more delicate colors are chosen for a girl’s room. Pink, pastel yellow, beige and light gray are without a doubt among the most popular colors. You can add a little bit of glamor by adding a geometric decoration in gold. Blue and mint green in combination with gray and beige, on the other hand, go great with boys. But strong colors are also great and are usually the first choice, especially for older children or teenagers.

Wall shelves in geometric shapes

Make a shelf for the wall yourself in any geometric shape

Hardly any room can do without wall shelves and the children’s room is no exception. They offer storage space without taking up space on the floor. The great thing about such shelves is that you can even make them yourself, which is why they are great for geometric decoration. Whether in the form of a modern hexagon or triangles or squares does not matter. Especially with self-made models, you can let your imagination run wild and come up with something very abstract for this geometric wall decoration. And if you can’t decide on a model, then just make several. You are sure to have enough free walls. The finished shelf can have a natural wood color or it can be painted as desired to match the rest of the furnishings and decoration.

Choose geometric textiles as decoration

Shelf as a geometric decoration for the wall in a hexagonal shape

Textiles are a wonderful way to set geometric accents in the nursery. And here you have a really large selection of variants available. For example, you can search for bedding that suits your taste. The best thing to do is to get more than one set so you can change them. In this way you can also vary not only with the colors, but also with the geometric patterns. Bed linen is no longer just intended as protection for blankets and pillows, but plays an important role in the decoration of a bedroom. It’s no different with the children’s room! So use the bed linen as a geometric decoration.

Use textiles for a geometric decoration idea with a bedspread

Don’t forget the bedspread either. You can use these as an alternative or in addition to bed linen with a geometric pattern. It makes the children’s room look tidier and at the same time serves as a decoration. The perfect choice if you are looking for a geometric decoration and want to implement it with suitable textiles.

Geometrically patterned bed linen is a beautiful eye-catcher in the nursery

You can add the finishing touches to the bedspread with a couple of beautiful decorative pillows. Decorative pillows and geometric patterns can be perfectly combined. But pillows can not only adorn the bed. Alternatively, you can opt for seat cushions that you spread out on the floor or in a reading corner. Don’t forget the curtains and drapes too! Surely you can find something special with this type of home textiles, with which you can make the children’s room more modern and cozy.

Carpet as a geometric decoration in the nursery

Colorful carpet as a geometric decoration with triangles in a modern children's room

Do not underestimate the effect of a beautiful rug! Especially on an otherwise plain floor, it is a wonderful accent that you should not be without. You can use it not only as a geometric decoration. On a hard and cold floor, it is also the perfect protection against colds and playing on the floor is much more comfortable.

Girls' room with harmonious colors for furniture and walls

Pink and gray circles in a girl's room

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Geometric cat as a mural and neutral, monochrome colors

Paint the geometric decoration yourself and use it as a wall decoration

Geometric decoration for the ceiling with a sloping roof - golden triangles

Geometric decoration on the wall in the form of shelves and a climbing corner

Geometry with three colors on the wall and a large mirror cabinet

Yellow wall design with geometric pattern

Unique, abstract shelf in red and wood color for a youth room

Furnishing with different areas in the children's room - an abstract carpet as decoration

A large carpet with hexagons in blue serves as a color accent in the neutral interior

Distribute triangles on the wall for a subtle wall decoration

The furniture can have geometric shapes like in this Montessori room

This copper-colored lamp is geometrically shaped and fits perfectly in a girl's room

Triangles in the Montessori children's room imitate a mountain range

Subtle geometric accents in the children's or baby room

Decorate with geometric wall stickers depicting animals

Decorate the walls with murals with geometric figures

Decorate the children's room with a geometrically inspired lamp

Colorful wallpaper made of triangles in the nursery puts you in a good mood

Boxes for storage as geometric decoration and wall shelves in the form of a house

Unusual wallpaper with a simple design - abstract dinosaurs made of geometric figures

Blue and beige combine for a nice room for boys

Great decoration idea with shelves in geometric shapes

Abstract pattern in bold colors for an accent wall and red furniture

Silhouette of a mountain range in coral color and other geometric decorations in the girl's room

Beautiful wallpaper in shades of blue and a rustic desk

Use carpets with a geometric pattern for interior design

Modern metal wall decoration - Geometric animals inspired by origami

Montessori baby room in gray and white with geometric decoration

Modern and subtle accents in blue and orange

Modern wallpaper for the children's room with triangles in gray