5 Homemade Gift Ideas That Are Really Useful

How do they say? Small gifts maintain friendship. This is especially true when the gifts come from the heart. Homemade is very important here. Those who are skilled in their craft can design wonderful gifts for their loved ones themselves – whether for the birth of children, for a birthday or for a wedding. The following five ideas are also suitable for beginners and make the eyes of the recipient shine.

Self-sewn placemats for the kitchen, dining room and co.

Placemats are easy to sew yourself with a little know-how

No sewing machine is required for this DIY. If you have a needle and thread at home, you can make just as beautiful placemats with a little time. Creatives can also let off steam when it comes to design. Whether it is for Easter, can be used all year round or with partitions for plates, glasses and cutlery – there are no limits to the imagination.

What is needed?

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Fabrics or scraps of fabric in the desired patterns and colors
  • Iron
  • Scissors, preferably fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • A ruler or tape measure and a pencil or tailor’s chalk

Sew your own placemats made of colorful fabrics

First of all, the fabrics have to be cut to size. We recommend a size of 46 x 34 centimeters including seam allowance for a placemat. The placemat is big enough for plates, glasses, cutlery and serviette. If the front is to be divided, the parts must be correspondingly smaller and add up to 46 x 34 centimeters. If the front is to consist of several parts, these are first sewn together. To do this, lay the parts right sides together and sew with a seam allowance of one centimeter. Then iron the seam allowance accordingly. In the next step, the front and back come right sides together and are also sewn with a seam allowance of one centimeter. Attention: Do not sew the turning opening of about five centimeters! Then the seam allowance is cut down in the four corners, do not cut the seam. Now turn the placemat right side out. As the penultimate step, iron the set once, also ironing the seams and the reversible opening smooth. Fold the seam allowance inwards beforehand. Last but not least, topstitch all around, i.e. sew again. Either use an inconspicuous color here or work with a contrasting color. The turning opening is sewn automatically with it. The placemat is ready!

Homemade gifts from the kitchen: summery peppermint syrup

Gift from the kitchen for summer - peppermint syrup

Gifts from the kitchen always go down well. How about a tasty syrup for your summer birthday? This goes well in mineral water or Cocktails. A refreshing peppermint syrup made from fresh leaves is always popular. Attention: It takes two days to prepare, but the syrup can easily be kept unopened for a whole year.

What is needed?

  • two bottles, each holding one liter
  • fresh peppermint leaves, at least 3 cups full
  • 2 kg of normal sugar
  • the juice of 2 lemons
  • around 40 g citric acid
  • 2 liters of still water

First, the peppermint leaves are washed off well with cold water and lightly patted dry with a kitchen towel. Then put the leaves in a very large saucepan. Add sugar, lemon juice and citric acid. Boil the water separately and then pour over the other ingredients. Stir well so that the sugar dissolves completely. Let the brew cool down and then cover with a lid. Let rest for two days in a cool, dark place. Don’t forget to stir in between.

After two days, the pot comes back on the stove. First remove the peppermint. Then bring the syrup to the boil again and then pour it into the bottles while hot. Cap the bottles and immediately turn them upside down for ten minutes. The syrup will last for a year. Keep in the refrigerator after opening!

Joint photos on the branch

Photo Mobile - Make a branch gallery yourself as a gift for friends

Memories are one of the most touching gifts. Photos of shared experiences are a great way to relive memories. A simple frame with photos is too simple? Then this DIY is a great way to put the pictures in the limelight. The photos are hung on a branch!

What is needed?

  • a long, dry branch, as straight as possible
  • photos
  • twine
  • A needle and thread in the color of the wall you want the ensemble to hang on
  • a nail (and a hammer)

The string is first attached to the branch. The branch is to be hung on the wall later on. To do this, first unwind a long strand of the thread and double it. Knot at the end. Put the twine in a loop around one end of the branch and fasten it on the other side in the same way.

Now it’s time for the exciting part. To do this, the thread is threaded onto the needle and passed through the middle of the photos (or postcards) at the top. Secure with a loop so that the photos dangle from the thread. The other end of the thread only needs to be attached to the branch and the “branch gallery” is ready. Can only be packed a bit bulky.

Nourishing body butter simply homemade

homemade body butter as a gift for girlfriend

Cosmetics or personal care products often seem boring and poorly considered as gifts. It is better to make great and natural cosmetics yourself. A body butter based on coconut oil cares for rough skin and is therefore the ideal gift.

What is needed?

  • 100 grams of organic coconut oil
  • 50 grams of cocoa butter
  • 50 grams of organic almond oil
  • if desired: a few drops of perfume oil
  • 2 jam jars or mason jars with lids

Make your own body butter based on coconut oil with cocoa butter and almond oil

First, cocoa butter, coconut oil and almond oil are melted in a water bath. Then stir well once and let the mixture cool down. Place in the refrigerator until the liquid starts to set again. In the meantime, boil the jars to kill all bacteria. Then take the oil mix out of the refrigerator and beat a little with a hand mixer. The mixture should look like fluffy whipped cream. Finally, add the oil – if desired – and whip again. Pour into the jars and close.

The body butter will last for four weeks without any problems if it is always taken out of the glass with a clean spoon. If in doubt, the following applies: If the butter smells sour or spoiled, do not use it anymore!

The classic: self-designed cards for all occasions

homemade card with stamps and other craft materials

When the actual gift has been bought, the person giving the gift can still provide some DIY flair. A self-designed card is something special for the recipient that is gladly held in honor.

What is needed?

  • carton
  • Pens, paints, brushes, stamps, …
  • scissors
  • Envelope

First, the cardboard is cut to size. The classic format for postcards is A5. If the card is then folded once, the typical A6 format is automatically created. A5 is 14.8 x 21 centimeters. The second step is the design. The card can be personalized in no time with all sorts of handicraft materials, brightly colored pens and paints. Then just put it in an envelope and the DIY card is ready for any occasion.

Self-designed cards for all occasions